Daily Archives: August 5, 2022

Ask Old Jules: Signs, Natural behavior, Being human, Why humans are destructive, What is Life?

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Old Jules, have you seen a “sign” lately?

That lunar eclipse the other night seemed to me a pretty good ‘sign’ we’d gotten our need for lunar eclipses out of the way for a while. I pulled my glasses back on my head to watch through binoculars and they fell spang off onto the dark ground. I carefully stepped back to keep from stepping on them and squashed them underfoot. Bad sign. I figure it means I’m going to have to buy new glasses, even though these are superglued back enough to keep on my face.

Old Jules, how do we determine what is natural and what is not? Example: How is homosexuality less natural than heterosexuality?

Everything in the potential body of human experience is natural. No escaping it. Homosexuality is only less natural than heterosexuality when homosexuality gets outside the boundaries of potential human experience.

Old Jules, what is it like for you to be human?

It’s a bargain, being human, and I love it as much as everyone else.

Old Jules, why is the human race so destructive?

Best answer: Just one of the ways humanity manages to extend its own lifetime most likely. The species is unable to take direct measures to control its own numbers so it finds other ways to do it in more cunning ways. Humanity has to somehow survive if it’s going to last long enough to evolve. It can’t survive if it’s stacked like cordwood half a mile high alive but unable to kick.

Old Jules, what is life?? Serious question…?

Don’t take this seriously, but it’s an attempt at a serious answer more-or-less as an analogy, and strictly my own with no attempt to assert it’s true, except I believe there’s evidence to support it: Life is something that exists at the boundary line between the past and future on the time landscape, which is a landscape as opposed to something linear. My thought is that it’s a mechanism the side of the boundary we think of as ‘future’ dangles downstream across into ‘past’ to mine it for some resource more abundant on the past side than on the future side. DNA is floated downstream much the way a fisherman with his boat anchored midstream dangles a baited hook and lets it drift. It’s not the answer you wanted, and nobody but me believes it’s likely, but there you are. That’s what life is.