None of the Above Foundation

Jack wrote this in September, 2006. I confess I have no idea who FJX Sterling was. The search I did led to a porn site- J.

I’ve been thinking for a while about what a person might do with a jackpot win to bring about some changes in the political zealotry in the US.  It’s something gone rabid, Democrats and Republicans going at one another with their wolf-teeth.

In the past I’d thought when, yeah, when I win a large jackpot, I’d put up a Zen Monastery with some refinements into other avenues of metaphysical and spiritual pursuit.

But the last couple of days have convinced me that Zen Monastery cum Spiritual Healing Center will  have to wait for the second major jackpot win.

The first one’s going to create the None of the Above Foundation.  That foundation is going to do everything legally and monetarily possible to make certain no incumbent will ever serve a second term in office.

Somewhere down at the roots of everything that’s gone wrong with America is the career politician, the power, the retirement and health benefits, the near-thing bribes and special interest supports giving them motives to stay in office.

A hundred million or so going to make sure they don’t get re-elected might just help a lot.  In fact, it might just spawn a None of the Above political party.

We need people in national elected offices who get out and live in the land.  We need folks such as, say, fjxsterling up there in the Senate, or the House.  People who’ve felt the pain of the problems everywhere at street level.  People who aren’t going to sit still for any air-castle election time feeding frenzy illusions to deal with real problems.

I can see it all now.

Vote for FJX Sterling

Rush Hates Him


Heck, I’d register to vote.


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