Mail Coach Pillar

Mail Coach Pillar

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Roadside somewhere in South Wales

This pillar is called
Mail Coach Pillar and erected
As a caution to mail coach
Drivers to keep from intoxication
And in memory of the Gloucester
Carmarthen mail coach
Which was driven by
Edward Jenkins on the 19 day of
December in the year 1835, who
Was intoxicated at the time
Drove the mail on the wrong side of the road and going at
Full speed or gallop met a
Cart .  Permitted the leader
To turn short round to the right hand
And went down over the
Precipice 121 feet where at the
Bottom near the river it came
Against an ash tree when the
Coach was dashed into
Several pieces
Colonel Glynn of Glanbrian
Park, Daniel Jones Esq. of
Pennybone, a person of the name of
Edwards were outside
David Leon D Harris Esq. of
LLandover, Solicitor and a lad
Of the name of Kernick were inside
Passengers and John Compton RD

I have heard where there is a
A will there is a way one person
Cannot assist many but many can
Assist a few as this pillar will
Shew which was suggested
Designed and erected by J bull
Inspector of mail coaches, with
The aid of 13 pounds
Sixteen shillings and six pence
Received by him from forty one
Subscribers in the year 1841.

The work of this pillar was
Executed by John Jones
Marble stone mason Llanddaroe
Near Carmarthen
Painted and restored
By Postal Officials 1901”

from Poems of the New Old West
Copyright 2002, Jack Purcell


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