Ask Old Jules: Noble profession, That one answer, Why bother living, Why life is shallow, Mending broken trust

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Old Jules, what is the most noble profession a person can have?

Sewage treatment plant operator

Old Jules, if you could know the answer to one thing (anything) in the world what would it be?

Best answer: I’d like to know what actually happened with the Lost Adams Diggings.

Old Jules, if there is no survival after death, why do we bother living?

The default position is that we are living. The bother isn’t in whether to continue what we’re already doing. The bother would be whether to take active measures to cease living. Every instinct a human being has argues for attempting to survive if possible. Making a decision to end the life and following through with it requires a considerable bother. That’s where the entire ‘reasoning’ fabrication concerning suicide runs into a tree because, while you mightn’t be able to ‘reason’ that life is worth living there’s something in your mind and your guts telling you it is. You have no way of actually knowing it isn’t without fabricating all manner of thought structures over-riding what you know in a convincing way at a fundamental level.

Old Jules, why is life so shallow and empty?

If you go through life wearing a pair of welding goggles to block out 90 percent of the light you’ll be able to get through it and you’ll be able to weld. Those welding goggles aren’t something someone else put on you to cover up reality. You decided all you wanted to be was a welder and nothing anyone said was going to make you take them off and try to see anything but what’s happening at the working end of your welding torch. Life’s a shallow, empty place for a person wearing welding goggles.

Old Jules, can a broken trust be mended?

Trust is an attempt to narrow the options of another individual by virtue of your own expectations and an implied ownership. There’s a goodly chance the person never agreed to be owned, nor to have the options narrowed in that particular way, or if such an agreement was made, that the person chose differently at a later time. Trust can be mended back as many times as you wish to do it and expectations can re-emerge as many times as it takes to convince you that you can’t succeed at narrowing the options of another person by owning them.

2 responses to “Ask Old Jules: Noble profession, That one answer, Why bother living, Why life is shallow, Mending broken trust

  1. In Jules we trust. For now

  2. In Jules we trust. For now.

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