Andrew Stack

A man named Andrew Stack flew his small plane into a building that houses IRS offices. Here are Jack’s comments about it:

A man named Andrew Stack flew his small plane into a building that houses IRS offices, killing one person and injuring several others. Apparently several years ago the IRS audited his business and found wrong doing as far as not paying some of his taxes and the shut down his business and ruined him.
Now if this happened to one of our elected crime family members in Washington, they simply would have said it was an honest mistake on their part and paid up the back taxes they tried to hide and not pay and then would have been given a high paying position somewhere in the septic tank called Washington.

So now the question……was Mr. Stack a terrorist or a patriot?

He was neither patriot nor terrorist. He was a man who clearly articulated his position and his reasoning, then acted in the way he believed was most appropriate within his sphere of reality. Pretending he was insane isn’t a viable option unless the manifesto was a singular point of view, not shared by legions of other US citizens teetering on the brink of some sort of ‘individual solution’.

My personal thought is that if I was an employee of the IRS I’d be looking for another job, and if I was a member of whatever portion of the government formulates policy I’d be looking deeply into the event, as opposed to brushing it off with simplistic declarations involving his reasoning or sanity..

Stack didn’t make the choices you and I would make in his place, but it’s entirely possible his choices are nevertheless those a lot of others in his position could make. If his thoughts as he expressed them are a mirror of widespread anger this country might well remember the day as one that will live in infamy.

Whatever the solution it won’t be found in conjectures about his sanity, his courage, his character. Those kinds of value judgements merely turn our eyes away from what he might well represent.


Edit: It seems to me one major factor putting a razor edge on the anger of people who might otherwise just seeth is daytime talk radio spewing out negativity and polarizing the population. Blaming one party or the other for the problems going on is the antithesis of movement in a direction to keep edge-skaters from carrying things to the limit.


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