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Ask Old Jules: What if it’s all wrong, Meaning of life, Is life good, Does not thinking result in violence, Letting go, The ultimate question


Old Jules, what if everything in your life is wrong?

Unlikely, though possible. The only reason for your life is to provide fertilizer for plants and act as a host for essential parasites. If everything is wrong in your life it’s the result of using a commode or toilet fixture that flushes into a public sewerage system.
If you want to correct that problem a garden spade will suffice.
But if you aren’t carrying any essential parasites or serving as a host for any, try sleeping in a public hostelry. You’re almost certain to take home bedbugs and fleas, at the very least.
Eating the occasional flea will provide you with tapeworm and other internal parasites.

Old Jules, what is the meaning of your life?

We’ve been provided the opportunity to serve as hosts for essential parasites and important pathogenic micro-organisms. That is the meaning of our lives.

Old Jules, is life good in your vision? In Genesis 1, God saw that creation was good, it says that 6 times including at the end. We can either see it as He does or we can distort it into another vision. Is life really good and bad or evil, or do we just mistakenly see it that way?

The deity the savage tribes of the Middle East created to justify their violence to their neighbors is quoted saying many things including those you mentioned. “Smite them all, destroy their crops, enslave their women,” was a favorite, with “Shall be stoned,” as a close runner-up.
That deity adopted by those primitive savages isn’t ‘good’ by any standard I accept, and nothing that deity is imagined to have said can be construed as ‘good’ [except Proverbs, I suppose, and the aesthetic beauty of Psalms, along with the beautiful irony of Job].
But life is good anyway.

Old Jules, does one who does not think…resort to violence?

No. I’ve occasionally used live traps, but a bullet to the brain is still required. In fact, a coon inside a live trap will sometimes choose to get the bullet earlier, rather than later. Coons communicate this desire by trying to reach through the wire grid and ripping the pantsleg of the person carrying the trap across the meadow to dispatch them where the fleas they’re carrying won’t jump off too nearby.
I’ve thought about this considerably.

Old Jules, how do I let go of some bad stuff that happened to me in the past? I can’t stop going over it in my mind.

You can become an adult, accept the past as being outside your control, and allow yourself to graduate from the International Reservoir of Whiners into the Planetary Society of People Living Their Lives The Best They Can MbM [Moment-by-Moment]

Old Jules, what is the ultimate question? the questions of all questions. the cream of the crop, the most intelligent question a mind can think of.

How many fingers am I holding up?