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Ask Old Jules: Life in the ’60’s, Who supports marijuana legalization, Moderate Muslims, Legalizing drugs, Modern society


Old Jules, what was it like living in the 1960’s?

The ’60s were no better, no worse than any since. Different, but certainly not more self-indulgent than those today.
The music was one hell of a lot better, though. And the ’60s had the advantage of some percentage of the living population not having spent their early childhoods staring at televisions and hearing canned laughter.
Also, most people could still read and write.

Do you know there’s no such thing as a non-stoner who supports marijuana legalization? There never has been and there never will be. The only people who think it should be legalized are smokers.

Sounds as though you’re high on Jesus. Do you know there’s no such thing as a non-Christian who supports Christianity? Most of us would be tickled pea green if you just raptured the hell out.

Old Jules, why don’t all these so-called moderate Muslims speak out against or go on marches opposing the extremists?

The same reason Christians never spoke out against the Inquisition. The same reason Christians never spoke out about the 2000 years of slaughter of Jews. The same reason Christians never spoke out about the rape, robbing and murder of Mormons and driving them pushing shopping carts to exile in Utah.
The reason is that probably most Muslims object, but they don’t want the uglies among them knocking on their doors. Any more than you’d want them knocking on your door.

Old Jules, what about legalizing drugs?
Legalizing drugs would create a lot more problems than it would solve. The entire machinery of the illegal drug industry and marketing would have to turn elsewhere to make a living. Cops would have to actually begin holding up convenience stores, politicians would be mugging people in alleyways, prison guards, gangs, lawyers, judges, everyone among them would have to openly begin picking the pockets and otherwise snagging the money of the citizenry in more obvious ways.
Best leave drugs illegal.

Old Jules, what are the beliefs of people living in a modern society ? Their ways of life, religion, dreams,  and who are they?

They’re all over the waterfront. Although there are human genres, they’re certainly not alike.
Mostly they lock their teeth into an idea or viewpoint and obsess with it, or snort a lot of nose candy, or go glazed eyed over people in moving pictures or on television, or spectator sports, then salt it down with a bit of political opinion.
They are disfranchised from everything their ancestors did, believed, had to do to survive. In most of the western world not one person in a thousand has ever seen anything he ate while it was alive. Never killed anything then ate it. Never grew a veggie, nurtured it, then ate it. Don’t know what color the hair was on the piece of an animal they ate out of clear plastic and white foam from the day they were born until now.
If it weren’t for television they couldn’t tell a cow from a swine.
The way of life is one of synthetic ideas and artificial dreams.