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A couple of clarifications

running for president2

When I posted somewhere a while back that [paraphrasing myself] “This president is just a Multi-National Bank CEO with a full body tattoo and heavy investments in the weaponry and chemical/pharmaceutical industries,” I didn’t intend to imply the full bod tattoo thing was a recipe for success for other, future politicians. 

I wasn’t spamming for the suntan machine industry, as some of you apparently thought I was doing.  I was just offering up my own unique view of the politics in this great land and the opinion that some things work better than other things when it comes to politics.  Having a few million invested in the right industries or being willing to sell your soul to have those investments is a sure road to success. 

If a person with a heavy suntan or full body tattoo wasn’t willing to sell his soul I doubt the pigment would help him much.

I hope that clears things up.