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Police Officer Doesn’t See A Difference Between Black, Light-Skinned Black Suspects

The Onion – News in BriefpoliceracelawNewsISSUE 50•32Aug 13, 2014

FORT WAYNE, IN—Explaining that his sole concern is serving and protecting his community, Fort Wayne police officer Vincent Turner told reporters Wednesday that he does not see any difference between black and light-skinned black suspects. “As an officer of the law, I am committed to administering justice swiftly and even-handedly, regardless of whether the suspect has dark skin or really dark skin,” said Turner, adding that he has no problem giving a full pat-down to any potential criminal or hauling them down to precinct headquarters in the back of his patrol car, even if they are more of a light mocha color. “When you’re responding to reports of gunshots fired, or sprinting down an alleyway, you’re not thinking about where the suspect falls on the spectrum of African-American skin tones—you’re thinking about doing your job. Heck, the guy could be a very dark-looking Latino, for all I care—I treat every one of them the same. He’s still just a suspect to me.” Turner added that his dedication to upholding the law stems from a belief that all local residents should be able to walk their streets without fear, whether they come from an affluent white neighborhood or a working-class white neighborhood

A couple of clarifications

running for president2

When I posted somewhere a while back that [paraphrasing myself] “This president is just a Multi-National Bank CEO with a full body tattoo and heavy investments in the weaponry and chemical/pharmaceutical industries,” I didn’t intend to imply the full bod tattoo thing was a recipe for success for other, future politicians. 

I wasn’t spamming for the suntan machine industry, as some of you apparently thought I was doing.  I was just offering up my own unique view of the politics in this great land and the opinion that some things work better than other things when it comes to politics.  Having a few million invested in the right industries or being willing to sell your soul to have those investments is a sure road to success. 

If a person with a heavy suntan or full body tattoo wasn’t willing to sell his soul I doubt the pigment would help him much.

I hope that clears things up.