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Happy Birthday North Korea!

Today they’re celebrating the anniversary of the birth of their nation in North Korea. They’ve lasted a lot longer than most people had any reason to hope they would. And their leaders tended to have a longer lifespan.

Most of you will recall that hasn’t been precisely the case in South Korea. But it’s more difficult for the CIA to get into North Korea to assassinate their top guys. When the CIA assassinated Park Chung Hee,first president of South Korea, and Diem, president of South Vietnam, the guys in North Korea took it as an object lesson. Kept their heads down and a sharp eye out for anyone who might pass as a CIA operative.

Worked fairly well, too. They managed to stay alive all this time. Beats hell out of being an ally of the US and having to get offed for your trouble.

Old Jules


Waiting for Joe Chink – All Dressed Up and Nobody to Fight

NCOs dressing down fresh arrivals who didn’t clean their rifles or had Frito Lay in their gas-mask bags always began, “When Joe Chink comes across that line [fill in the blank].   Joe Chink.  The imaginary Chinamen poised across the DMZ sharpening their bayonets.  We were there to scare them into not coming South, and whup if they did.   50,000 of us.

They’re still over there waiting, those GIs, 25,000 of them, but nowadays I doubt they’re being threatened with Joe Chink.  Joe Chink makes the parts for all their weapons, ammunition, their boots, every item of their equipment.  Joe Chink loans money to their overlords to pay for it and pay their salaries.

And back in the God, Country and My Baby heaven Joe Chink’s athletic shoes carry America’s finest boys and jerseys up and down pastures carrying Joe Chink’s footballs for the edification of cheering spectators wearing Joe Chink’s clothing, head-t0-foot.

Back then most of us who had any knowledge of the Republic of Korea military didn’t have much doubt the ROK Army [South Korean] could whip the pants off the US Army if they wanted to, and have plenty left over to take care of Joe Chink if he came across the DMZ.

But nowadays it’s probably North Koreans the US Army’s scaring into not doing anything ugly to all those factories in South Korea making the rest of what US consumers need but can’t get from Joe Chink.  Factories, and the ROK Army which could almost certainly still whip the pants off those 25,000 GIs still over there.

Thank you for your service,” romantic patriots are fond of saying.

“Kiss my ass,” I’m fond of saying back.

Old Jules

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