Waiting for Joe Chink – All Dressed Up and Nobody to Fight

NCOs dressing down fresh arrivals who didn’t clean their rifles or had Frito Lay in their gas-mask bags always began, “When Joe Chink comes across that line [fill in the blank].   Joe Chink.  The imaginary Chinamen poised across the DMZ sharpening their bayonets.  We were there to scare them into not coming South, and whup if they did.   50,000 of us.

They’re still over there waiting, those GIs, 25,000 of them, but nowadays I doubt they’re being threatened with Joe Chink.  Joe Chink makes the parts for all their weapons, ammunition, their boots, every item of their equipment.  Joe Chink loans money to their overlords to pay for it and pay their salaries.

And back in the God, Country and My Baby heaven Joe Chink’s athletic shoes carry America’s finest boys and jerseys up and down pastures carrying Joe Chink’s footballs for the edification of cheering spectators wearing Joe Chink’s clothing, head-t0-foot.

Back then most of us who had any knowledge of the Republic of Korea military didn’t have much doubt the ROK Army [South Korean] could whip the pants off the US Army if they wanted to, and have plenty left over to take care of Joe Chink if he came across the DMZ.

But nowadays it’s probably North Koreans the US Army’s scaring into not doing anything ugly to all those factories in South Korea making the rest of what US consumers need but can’t get from Joe Chink.  Factories, and the ROK Army which could almost certainly still whip the pants off those 25,000 GIs still over there.

Thank you for your service,” romantic patriots are fond of saying.

“Kiss my ass,” I’m fond of saying back.

Old Jules

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10 responses to “Waiting for Joe Chink – All Dressed Up and Nobody to Fight

  1. Thank you for your service, or your post anyway. (But I’d really rather not kiss your ass, if it’s all the same to you).

  2. Anonymous: Thank you for whatever you think you need thanking for. I’ll give you a walk on the other. Jules

  3. Wanted to lwave a comment on your post yesterday but didn’t have the computer on and your blog will not allow me to leave a comment composed on my tablet. Don’t know why, I have no trouble on most others, except for one other. Anyway, all that you guys went through (posted yesteday) sure seemed like a waste of time. Like you said one time, let the government leaders do the fighting, that would solve everything.

    • DizzyDick: I’m sorry you’re having trouble posting. In all sincerity, seems to me we who served in the US military, volunteers or draftees, during the entire Cold War Era including Vietnam and the Korean War, were made monkeys of. Whatever it was we thought we were protecting was a lie and the lie’s been exposed by the light of hindsight. If we thought we were guarding the US and democracy from the Chinese, the politicians were selling the whole damned future under-the-table while we were doing it. The US couldn’t fight a war of any duration today because everything from steel to fuel to stockings and boots is manufactured in the countries we’d be bombing the factories of.

      I don’t recall people in the US making a living being cops, soldiers, insurance salesman, prison guards and store clerks being what any of us had in mind as a future United States. but I do recall the rhetoric assuring the entire country if we didn’t do what we were doing then as well-intended individuals there’d be dire consequences. The consequences described looked a lot like the country we’re living in today.

      I’m obliged you came by and gratified you were able to post a comment. Gracias, J

  4. They can kiss my ass to–for a different war–but still they can do it! HF

  5. Reblogged this on Under The LobsterScope and commented:
    Old Jules hits the nail on the head here…

  6. The never ending cycle of lies and bullshit drives me crazier than I am ordinarily. My nephew is stationed at an army base in Germany. The GIs are bored and don’t have enough work because maintenance is contracted out to civilians.

    They’re all just twiddling their thumbs while they wait to go to war with Iran to liberate the oil and make civilian contractors rich. The US defense budget at work.

    As usual, great post.

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