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Pakistanis and Americans are alike about 2nd Amendment

Son of a Lion Trailer on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/hdRCmNn3joc

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One of the coolest aspects of Netflix is the foreign film availability.  Even though the films are just movies, they tell a lot about what movie-makers worldwide thought audiences in their countries would willingly watch.  What, in fact, their national populations would pay money to see.  Their beliefs, their likes and dislikes.

So a Netflix watcher can discover, for instance, how similar a lot of Americans are to Pakistanis by watching  Son of a Lion.   It’s a 2007 movie in which the primary characters are involved in a family business of gun making, gunsmithing, and gun sales and have been for several generations.   Expected to go into the family business, the 11-year-old son of a strict Muslim father runs away from home, determined to get an education instead.  In the location in Pakistan where they live everyone is a 2nd Amendment devotee.  Nobody bothers with signs or bumper stickers because they just raise their AK 47 or 1911 Colt and loose a few rounds into the air when the mood strikes.

Starring:Niaz Khun Shinwari, Sher Alam Miskeen Ustad, Director:Benjamin Gilmour. 

It’s comforting knowing how much we have in common with Pakistanis for the most part.  The father in the story is mujahedeen and fought against the Russians in Afghanistan and is extremely concerned where, should he allow his son to take to school, it would be located.  “Those schools are magnets for American bombs!” 

Probably a lesson there somewhere.

Old Jules

The White Man’s Burden: Sharing US Culture

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Hell they just want to be like us.  You can’t blame them.  Who in the world doesn’t want a piece of the best sociology, culture, society, music, attitude, behavior, the US has to offer.  The centerpiece for the cultural best has to be exported for the advancement of humanity.

But there’s not room for two.

People in conquered lands always want to imitate the conquerers.  That’s why British all try so hard to behave as though they’re Normans.  And [East] Indians try so hard to be good Christians.

Same as the whatchallem, Native Americans who aren’t whites, Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, and such.  Aboriginals, they’ll likely want to be called sometime. Tribal Americans, some other time.

The Rooskies have always been good at gangsta, but they always felt something was missing over there in the KGB, GRU, and up in the Gulag.

We haven’t gotten around to conquering Pakistan yet, but maybe dropping a few cruise missiles and drones down their smokestacks was enough.  Bound to be an explanation and drones might be it.

Africans adapt surprisingly well to modern US culture.

New York Jewish gangsta rap would be difficult to top by Israeli gangsta rap I’m betting.

Australian aboriginals get into the swing about as well as a person can wish.  Hard to find fault with that.

All in all I’d say this fits the 21st Century better than Christianity fit the earlier ones.

Old Jules