Riding the Bread Line

Someone sent me an email forward the other day explaining to me how illegal aliens, welfare recipients, other low-lifes and me, retired and living off Social Security,  is what’s causing this great country to go down the tube.  I swan.

I don’t have a TV, don’t listen to radio, don’t read newspapers or magazines, but I do get email forwards and see sidebar news flashes at Internet sites.  So knowing the country is down the tube didn’t come as a complete shock to me.  Every couple of weeks I go to town for groceries, chicken feed and other necessaries, and the fact gasoline prices are a mite high, bread, milk and produce are worth more than they used to be, and people are older, all had me wondering if things hadn’t slipped downhill.

But knowing all those old people in the grocery lines and I are causing it surely gave me pause.

Made me realize life is harder for people with ball-caps turned sideways, studs in their nostrils, belly buttons and lips, tattoo-tears running down off their faces, and attitude have it tougher than I did all those years I was younger than I am now, because I wasn’t up here then.

I mostly try to mind my own business and tend my own affairs.  I don’t want to be a part of a problem someone else has.  If people living down in the trailer parks sitting in the backs of their pickups drinking beer Saturday afternoons are suffering harder than they would if I was out living under a bridge somewhere dumpster-diving for a living I wouldn’t be half the man I think I am if I didn’t consider it a viable alternative.

I paid money every paycheck for about 50 years into Social Security, but I never figured I’d come to depend on it for a living.  When it happened I never stopped to consider that expecting some of it back was different from people living off their military retirement, Federal Employment Retirement, or Congressional Retirement systems.

If I need to go dumpster-diving and live under a bridge to clear my conscience I figure I can do it.  Lots of people are already doing it.  Just looking at them I hadn’t thought about the moral high ground they’re holding.

Old Jules

King of the Road- Roger Miller

3 responses to “Riding the Bread Line

  1. Jules we have quite a bit in common. I’ve looked at several posts and you put up great stuff. You’re a writer I am not. I so much enjoy reading a good story even if there’s bad in it. Personal stories are the best. I say that if you have some small association with people who post things like you and I do and with me it’s pictures that they have more meaning.

    This post hits home because pretty soon I will be living like a PCV again with Social Security. I have a bit of cash but it has to last to the end as there will be no more accumulation and will not be too far away because I am gambling stopping @62 with no health insurance. This little bit wouldn’t last but a day in IC and they ain’t gonna get it. I’ll go to the emergency room to get “the best health care in the world”.

    “So knowing the country is down the tube didn’t come as a complete shock to me.”

    It is and keep saying I’m going to drop out and time to time and kinda am now after my last trip to the 4Corners and hanging out with old spirits last April. No one has a clue I tell you.

    Thank you for the visit today to OTC and the kind comment. I want to read what you post and I’m linking to you right out of the box.

  2. Hi One Fly. Thanks for the visit and comments.

    I’d be interested to know more about the 4 Corners trip if you care to share it.

    Yeah, life is a strange place for a human being to have to spend a lifetime. I’m trying to recall whether anyone ever said it was going to be easy. Probably someone did, but they aren’t bragging about having said it.

  3. Hi Jules,You can see all that stuff at My Picture Place.

    If the above did not turn into a link here is the address.

    The categories are on the right like rock art,ruins and video or what have you. You will find along the way there’s a You Tube channel as well. I’m not a movie maker but I have fun with this stuff. The Art on a Ledge is really cool not that it’s so good but for what it shows. There is stuff there from the 4Corners area for sure. There are several of Outlook Ruin that’s way too cool as well. That’s a story there that spans almost 20 years. Hope you enjoy a couple things anyway. Later.

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