Something Rhyming with Joy in the Pre-dawn

The temperature dropped enough last night so’s I turned off  the fans.  When I walked outdoors the cats were doing those little rear-on-hindlegs-pivot happiness acts they’ve taught one another, all gathered for a some grub, a refill on the water bowl,  having their tails tugged and a few words of greeting.

They all explained they’re grateful to me for turning down the heat, and I didn’t tell them any different.  Anytime a person can get a cat feeling beholden he’d best take advantage of it.  I took my coffee out to the porch swing hangs under the oak and let them take turns snagging a few scratches behind the ears, held Tabby upside down and explained how she was one of the best cats around here and just listened to the night trailing away.

I stay fairly joyful around here always, but somehow it managed to get itself trumped this morning.

If I was shorter and had me a mirror and a sink to stand on I’d do what Jessica’s doing in the video below.

Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

Instead, I reckons I’ll have another cup of java and wait for the roosters to begin their concert.


8:00 AM

Without taking anything away from Jessica, here are a few of my own gratitude affirmations this morning:

I’m grateful Gale’s got water up there I can haul, grateful for all these jugs to haul it in, and grateful he’ll loan me Little Red for packing it down here.

I’m grateful Gale gave me this new truck:


The wiring's too Communist and beyond my ken to fix myself, turns out. I'm grateful there's a real mechanic in town and we can tow it in when he gets back.

Won’t be long now before I have transportation again and whoooeee will I ever be grateful.

I'm grateful we don't have to depend entirely on rain.

If I had a sink I’d dance on it, same as Jessica.
Old Jules

6 responses to “Something Rhyming with Joy in the Pre-dawn

  1. Sounds like your morning is similar to mine here, nice comfortable temps and grateful cats!! As for Jessica’s “singing” ? My ears don’t understand a dang thing that kids say , so I pretty much ignore them, but she seems happy bout something.

    • Morning Ben. I’d swap ears with you if I thought it would do any good, but I figure you’d be stone deaf if we did, or near to it. Jessica’s just running through a list of all the things she likes about her life. So am I, for that matter. Thanks for coming around this morning. Glad you’re sharing some of this glorious cool. Gracias, J

  2. Good Morning, Jules, Your description of morning sounds nice. Kudos to those parents who taught Jessica to be grateful and to express it with such Zest. I forget sometimes to really express my gratitude for the great life I have and all the good things in it. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Jessica is so precious! What a little bundle of energy and smarts.
    I am so so happy summer is coming to an end!

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