Curiouser and curiouser

Notice that hash marking of diagonal sunspots.

Then have a look at the positions of the three weirdest spin axis / magnetic fields in the solar system.  Saturn, Uranus and Neptune:

SimSolar v2.0  Planetary position simulation

Old Jules

8:30 AM – Just for those who think a blog entry ought to have something for everyone.

Tired of buying compressed air to blow the dirt out of your computer, watching the prices on it rise to simulate gold?

60# of pressure that doesn’t run out.  Cost was $2 in a thrift store.

Computer gurus will tell you it might cause moisture to condense on the important components of your comp.  Physics says they ought to be maybe right because of the venturi created when the air expands leaving the pressurized tube.

I’ve been using this one inside and outside my comps for about two years.  Haven’t seen any signs of condensation, haven’t experienced any damage to the comps, haven’t spent a penny on compressed air, don’t have a bunch of empty cans lying around wondering what to do with themselves.

But that’s just me.   I’m a risk taker.

It also serves as a great, compact bellows for starting fires in a wood stove.

INTERIM UPDATE to September 13, moonbows and canned thunder

Mama Nature after two days of brainwashing with canned thunder:

Old Jules

5:00 PM – Decided I needed to go to Kerrville for necessaries.  Ended up getting a couple of watermelons from an old guy brings them up from the valley.  He says it’s his last watermelon trip for the year, says they’ve gotten too high in cost down there to allow him any profit after hauling costs.  I told him he needs to buy another truck and make up the difference in volume.  Some jokes have been dead long enough for reincarnating them.  This one fell on deaf ears.  Only drew a puzzled look, as though he was considering the entrepreneural aspects.

This was hard to resist.  All those foam ice chests could have kept my chickens pooping foam plastic until spring.

Those shower doors are still coming in for them I reckons, with nobody buying them.  I got 20 free for building my chicken house out of, but I’m betting you’d have to pay $5 for all these until they’re ready to put them in the dumpster.

Those have collected dust, been around a while.  I’m guessing a person could have them all at a righteous price as low as your conscience would allow you to offer.

Next stop:

Not much going on here.

Next stop:

A guy surely needs one of those, eh?

Didn’t buy nuffin there though.  Eventually did pick off a $3 electric 6 cup rice steamer never been out of the box at Salvation Army Thrift Store.

12 responses to “Curiouser and curiouser

  1. You lost me with the sunspot/planets bit.
    As for the tire pump, I think you probably don’t use it long enough for moisture to form – when you pump until the internals get pretty warm is when the wet stuff starts to show up – at least in my limited experience. You can work up a sweat putting 60 psi into a bike tire . . .

    • Hi John. Thanks for the reply. No problem on the sunspots. An academian would explain, “Interactions of planetary magnetic fields aren’t fully understood. The magnetic field[s] of the sun aren’t fully understood.” They’ll be correct when they say it, probably afterward, also. Thanks for pointing out the thing about the pump.

      Gracias, J

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  3. want a closeup of a sunspot?


  4. LOL, all right Jules, you got me to subscribe! We’ve been living in the south for most of our years – and we’re the “King of Redneck Repairs” as well. Like we like to say: “T’ain’t nuthin’ a little duct tape or superglue won’t fix.” – for everything from a cut finger to a busted light. Gotta 2000+ sf shop/barn/warehouse that contains the remains of our old flea marketing business – and yeah, we’re fond (both the wife and I) of cruising the flea markets and thrift / 2nd hand stores. Got more junk than a well hung mule, LOL! Collector of odds & ends – even got a skeleton in the closet – leftovers from the 18th century … tools and tin; motors and mice . . . but sad to say, ain’t got no chickens. Wife won’t stand for ’em. Guess growing up on a farm has something to do with it – she says those roosters crow too much – plus she says one rooster in the hen house is quite enough (meaning me).

    Anyway – you got yerself another fan – cuz’ we’re an “old redneck”, too . . . got our guns and a bit of the old “don’t give no crap, don’t take no crap and we’ll just get along” type of attitude … glad to “meet” you.

    • Thanks jeffssong. I’ll look forward to your inputs and ideas if you feel moved to provide some. Sorry about the wife’s attitude about chickens. They good folks, though they insist a man keep the damned coon population down [which sometimes approaches one per night here]. Good having you aboard amigo. Gracias, Jules

  5. Gotta friend that lives in the boonies by the lake. Love the silkies. S’pose to go hawg hunting up there anytime – gonna take my SKS. Bad seer pin; shoots on auto sometimes. We’re gonna go up there – been arranging a big hunt – so we can take the whole herd out at one time. Never would’ve guessed a wild hog would go after them chickens – but they do. Apparently after the eggs. Wish us luck. There’s about 30 of them up there.
    Dang chicken-scarin’ egg-suckin’ hawgs. LOL.

    • Jeffsong: You might consider a hog trap. Snagged five in a night a couple of years ago. On the other hand, big job of work butchering them the next day. Gale had them up where he lives in a freezer, wife pulled the plug needing the current for a power tool and forgot to plug it back in. We’re using that rotten hog meat to bait the trap next time the swine population rises to what it was a couple of weeks ago. Swine trap is well worth the trouble putting it together. Relatively easy to fabricate, but it needs to be strong. The big ones will try to get you through the stock panel. Gracias, Jules

  6. Timely advice – just got off the phone with him. They shot a 400 pounder yesterday 4 times with buckshot (a quick “git ’em!” and go) – it ran off. As far as I know they only eat the piglets – 100 lb or less – the big ones are too ‘gamey’ – and some of the swamp pigs are just unfit to eat. (stink BAD when you cook them). Got about 30-50 running around up there tearing up gardens, scaring the ladies and some old city slickers that built up there. LOL, they complain about the pigs but won’t get off their butts to shoot them (against guns and/or scared of them).

    Will take your advice into account. We’re planning an ambush for the whole herd – bound to miss a few of them. And the wife’s farm skills will come in handy: her daddy used to butcher hogs. As our friend has a smoker . . . all we can say is “Yum! Bacon!” LOL!

    • Jeffsong: Believe it or not, if you trap them you can get middling good money for them on the hoof at the livestock auction. Provided your trap’s designed strong enough so they can be moved. Even building it on a small trailer, so’s they’re trailered as soon as they’re caught works. Good luck, Jules

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