A Few Noticings in Town

The sign and that line of people outside the building suggests the Christians in Washington mightn’t have anything in common with regular old actual Christians of the old actual Christianity faith.

I don’t know what they’re doing to help those people in there, being a non-Christian, but they must be doing something.  That line stretches all the way out into the parking lot.

I don’t need a gas grille, but if I did I’d have snapped this one up from the Salvation Army:

It’s missing the burners and regulator, cheap to add and retrofit, looks barely used, but the price is amazing:

Only thing I can figure is the Chinese have bought out Harley Davidson:

Damned thing is 200cc and has a pull starter like a lawn mower.  They charge extra for ape-hangers.

But it looks as though they’re also wanting to cash in on some of the automotive company bailouts:

Notice the suicide shift above the right fender.  You have to turn loose the steering wheel to shift gears.  Can’t imagine how they got that through Ralph Nader’s US Department of Transportation and Welfare.

Best for last, though.  Here’s a free crapper and exercycle from Habitat for Humanity:

Tempting, but I’ve already got the one, and I get my exercise just trying to stay alive.  Fact of life.

Old Jules

Loudon Wainwright– Glad To See You Got Religion

6 responses to “A Few Noticings in Town

  1. Hi Jules, I get around stores the impulse to buy crap that’s not needed kicks in. Soon I will shopping at places such as this most of the time. glad you didn’t even consider one of the pedal “cars”. It’s better walking and in the end faster. Have a good one!

  2. I think I’d have snatched that gas grill even if I didn’t have a use for it now. I’m seeing the potential for a solar oven or grill with it or use parts of it for something else.

    As for the mini cars, might as well get used to them because if things keep going as is that’s the only thing you’ll see on the highway. Filling stations will be rest stops where people can get food for fuel to continue their journey.

  3. Food pantry day? I’ve seen those lines outside other churches, but only on certain days. If you don’t go those days, you get no assistance, Christian or otherwise.

  4. One Fly: Thanks for stopping by. It’s a lesson in the discipline of self discipline, which I’ve gradually shot at and missed with less frequency. Yep, yep. Yep. Gracias, J

    tffnguy: It’s a tough one. If it’s still there a week from now I might do some bargaining with them about it. Thanks for the read. J

    The Good Luck Duck : Might be. Probably something of that sort, anyway. Gracias for the read and comment. J

  5. Pull start on 200cc? Must be rather low compression. And I agree those pedal cars offer very low efficiency; big expensive toy, but not transportation. First wave of marketing to the poor economy, indeed, looking for suckers.

    • Hi Ed: That scooter reminds me a lot of a Cushman Eagle… 1950s there used to be a lot of them, but they had a suicide shift like a knucklehead hog and a kick starter, 4 stroke engine. Junior-highers thought they were a dream. They’d go 60 miles an hour and managed to kill a lot of teenagers. As for the peddle cars, maybe in NYC. Hard to imagine anyone in the Texas Hill Country buying one.

      Tractor Supply was carrying this bunch. They should have stuck to wheel barrows. Thanks for coming by. Gracias, J

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