Juggling Priorities

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

When I began posting this blog just before the end of June last year,

The Great Speckled Bird: Respecting our Betters, my life was a  somewhat different place, though it hasn’t changed much by outward appearance.  Mainly what’s changed is priorities.  Time has speeded up for me in a sense.  Things I’ve needed to be doing all along, but were on the back burner indefinitely have fought their way to the front burner and now are holding the high ground. 

The season that’s been attempting to pass itself off as a winter here seems every day to be assuming the attire of early spring.  Which is to say, I need to be doing spring-like things inside the priority mix, instead of winter things, and the spring activity demands this year will be somewhat different from last year. 

One of the ways that will manifest itself is that I’ll be posting less regularly on this blog, trying to spend more time doing higher priority activities.  A lot of the projects I had planned, or was working on during the blog months are going to be abandoned or allowed to be pushed into abstractions for some future time, except one.

So the frequent and somewhat regular posting here will change to a target-of-opportunity mode. 

Jeanne will continue posting the Ask Old Jules entries, and I’ll probably occasionally post something there also, as time allows.

I’m no good predicting the future, but my intention, within the context of what the Coincidence Coordinators will allow, is to have this shelter and the area immediately around it back mostly as it was when I arrived several years ago.  Including me being somewhere else.   Most of my priority juggling is going to try to fit itself into that as best it can.

Hopefully the ancient Mayans had all that figured out and that’s what all the hoopla about the Mayan calendar’s really about.  The cats and me experiencing another pesky reincarnation without the Universe raising any eyebrows.

Old Jules


19 responses to “Juggling Priorities

  1. I’ve had to reprioritize as well. I blog when I can, and that’s just the right amount. 🙂

  2. Hi Annie. Thanks for coming by. We human beings have a tendency to drop anchors a lot, trying to hang on to the past we think is the present, even though it’s a long way from perfect. At least we think we know what it is and it provides a comfort-zone illusion, trying to imprison the future into something we expect. I’m not sure blogging’s a part of that, but it’s certainly a focus on where we used to be. A million years and miles away yesterday when we posted where we thought we were. Here’s wishing you a clear set of priorities of your own picking. Gracias, Jules

  3. Isn’t it amazing how much faster time flies when you get a little older!

    • Granny1947: Maybe. No way to know how fast it’s flying for the younger ones nowadays. Maybe it’s going the same speed for all of us and we just assume it’s faster because we’re older. A wheel spins at the same speed at the hub as it does at the rim, I suppose. But the speed where the rubber meets the road might depend on what gear we’re in and how hard we’re pushing down on the gas pedal. Thanks for coming by. Jules

  4. Never was much good at that damn juggling. Used to be I could keep three or four going for a brief while, but they’d all come crashing down sooner or later. Nowadays, I just toss up one at a time and hope for the best. Usually it ain’t no problem catching just one, long as you got good light so’s ya can see it on the way down. Course even when you drop one, them priorities don’t break when they hit the ground and there’s always tomorrow.

  5. I think I get your drift as I’m thinking along those lines also.
    if you’re ever Chi way…love to meet & buy U vittles & a drink of your choice….preferably before….my name on Google gives U all.
    have to tell U…I’ve a coterie of young’uns, 15 to 47, &, the youngest know it also.
    we’ve talked as I gently tried to steer them to “good” every day, don’t wait for tomorrow, &, they’ve brought to me what the “world & scientific news” is telling them & it’s the same & it breaks my heart ( I’ve a great grandboy of 2).
    soooo… good luck in your continued quest & I know U wish me the same & light & love,

    • Dayledann: A kindly offer and I’m humbled. I imagine myself moving west into the vicinity of the Continental Divide, but one can never successfully tell where the Coincidence Coordinators are going to shift the board pieces. But I’ll be here a while, just subdued online somewhat. Thank you. Jules

      • cool.
        my dream is a pied a terre in the mountains (& I mean INSIDE 1 of them) behind Whitehall, Mo.

        The older I get, the more I believe in fate/destiny. Not that U can’t screw it up with a wrong move, but, usually, if you’re aware, u can change the thrust.
        What is your view?

        • dayledann: I’m not sure I believe there are any wrong moves. Just moves, each potentially leading off into an illuvial fan of embraded potentials for challenges and growth. Some easier, some more difficult, but none without consequences, none without challenges, none capable of being predicted.

          Thanks for the comments. Jules

  6. you are leaving, but I just found you! ah well.. life is a journey and all that! c

  7. No matter where you go, there you are Jack. (Unless it’s where you were and you’re not there any more.)

    No bright lights in the sky hereabouts, not even the stars. Just clouds thinking their own secret thoughts and none of them are moving too fast to be unnatural.

    Stay cool man.

    • Anonymous: Interesting, if true. I suppose it follows that no matter where you go, there you are anonymous. Succeeding at being who we are, no matter where we be it, is one of the big challenges in life. I’ve generally managed it.

      Cool is a state of mind, methinks. Gracias, Jules

  8. Glad you’re taking care of priorities. Blogging takes up huge chunks of time, so writing about the outdoors (as I do frequently) supplants the actual activity at times – not good. So happy you’re finding your balance. Take care.

  9. Probably more or less unrelated to your post here but one thing Ray Charles said once when asked why his closet was not filled with suits and shoes and his apartment was sparsely furnished, “A man can’t wear but one suit of clothes at a time.”

    • Lindy Lee: If Ray Charles could see me now with several layers of sweat suits, longjohns etc and about to put on another layer he’d think of some other reason. Winter finally hit in the Texas hill country. Gracias, Jules

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