Incentives Not to Go Off Food – Rice and Veggie Steamer

I’ve been mildly curious watching myself for a considerable while.  Weight was peeling off me and I was forgetting to eat.  My body would notify me I hadn’t eaten anything in a day or two by a dose of the blind staggers, or just a dizzy spell to get me thinking back on when I last ate something.

Most of what I cook around here’s cheap and simple because of the fact I ran out of propane early last year and haven’t refilled the bottle, and because hauling water makes washing cookware an expense measured in hauling trips.  So I was living mostly on potato combinations, yogurt combinations, fruit combinations and various bean concoctions.  I was at the point of hating to look any one of them in the eye.

Then one day in the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Kerrvillle I saw that rice and veggie steamer still in the box for sale for a dollar.  It didn’t appear to ever have been used.  So, I bought it, thinking rice and steamed veggies would at least be different.

Sheeze, the best purchase since my High Roller back in 1972.  The tow bar I bought the other day might turn out to be a better deal, but I haven’t figured out anyway to cook with it.  But I’ve digressed.

What I’ve re-discovered is the absolute, euphoria-laden joy of food.  I’m making better meals on that thing than I could even find in a restaurant in town, but if I could, couldn’t afford them.  I’ll make up a batch of one or another Asian-like mix thinking it will last two days, then find I have to fight a war with myself to keep from eating it at a single sitting.

It does require loads of fresh onion, garlic, jalapeno, cayenne, curry and ginger.  I buy bags of trail mix of various sorts, dried mango, papaya, raisins and cranberrys at the Dollar Tree and pour on top, a little of each.  The food bills went up something awful last month.  But I don’t forget to eat.

And the simple truth is, some of these meals turn out to be classed among the best I’m able to recall having anytime in my  life.

Anyone says an old dog can’t learn new tricks is kidding himself.

Old Jules


17 responses to “Incentives Not to Go Off Food – Rice and Veggie Steamer

  1. ….and I just wish I could forget about eating a few meals. LOL. Glad you found an awesome cooker!

  2. Yo Jules, I like me my Basmate rice something fierce. Last night I actually used my big black cast iron skillet to cook a Chinese style dish without the super high temps I use with my wok. It was surprisingly good and the procedure was different as well. I run on 1/3 to 1/2 tank most of the time. It keeps me awake and alert with just a bit of hunger lurking. When there is an effort to be made such as a hike fuel up a bit and take things to nibble on works good for me but got away from that the last month or so and it’s a negative because I’m eating too much. Don’t fall over please.

  3. yeah I like all the steamed rice and veggie stuff with any tasty bits I find lurking in the cupboard like cumin seeds and soy sauce with as much garlic as I can stand- yum. Having had four fussy kids for most of my life giving me food hell- it is so good to eat what the hell I like when I like. Wish I could forget to eat sometimes too!

  4. Wow, that was a bargain!! And it is good to see you making good use of it.

  5. I sure wish I didn’t have to eat. I’m jealous.

    Salvation Army is a GREAT place to shop, isn’t it!

  6. Don’t forget to eat Bro! Humans need food once in awhile and we need ya around,who else gonna post all this cool shit!?

  7. Our rice cooker is the most used appliance in our house. You can throw some veggies and/or meat and/or rice and/or quinoa in it on ‘quick cook’ and voila – along with the spices you mentioned and others, it’s a win/win at the end of the day when cooking doesn’t seem all that appealing. Of course I do love to cook, so forgetting to eat may never be one of my problems. Still, were I alone, I might find myself eating shortcut foods, which don’t result in good long-term nutrition. Bodies need variety and Whole Foods.

    I agree with China – we would miss you horribly if you weren’t around! Take good care of yourself!

    • Morning bela, and thanks for stopping in. I can see how a rice steamer could worm its way into the life of a person and try to take over before getting larger visions to try to take over the world. Glad you came by. Gracias, Jules

  8. Oh gosh – and I don’t mean the market! (Whole Foods was capitalized because of their capital qualities!) Cheers.

  9. Dessert- steamed rice and raisins, yummy!

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