Romance With Reality

Savor sugar words
Pulse rushing to a touch
Hold tight the triggered yearning
From a voice on the phone
While it lasts
Swim in honey
And be glad
Let it hold you
Over breakfast dirty dishes
Stale cold coffee
Of the years
Sustain you through emergence
Of a human side of humans
Viewed by humans
Toenail clippings
Bad-breath mornings
And milk gone sour
In the fridge
Sit back remember
Savor sugar words
And be glad

Old Jules
Copyright©NineLives Press

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15 responses to “Romance With Reality

  1. Thank you, Jules! Happy love day to you both!

  2. Written like a veteran! 😉

  3. Animals show their love without strings and not expecting anything in return. I have been emotionally attached to all my pets.

  4. Ahhh, Valentine’s Day meets the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre…

  5. Catherine Johnson


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  7. I like the REALITY part(s) especially. Life’s not all hearts and flowers. Important to remember that.

    Good one.

  8. Nobody’s perfect; Tee! Hee!…

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