Disambiguating, De-Obfuscating and De-Horsemanurizing the Previous Post

I just got to say I love that word, disambiguating. 

Anyway, here’s Old Sol today.

And here he is October 23, 20o5.

Planetary positioning today

Planetary positions October 23, 2005, with particular emphasis on Saturn, Uranus and Earth/Mars positions.

Please don’t in any way interprete this to mean I believe you’re interested, or that I’m offering any sort of theory, opinion, statement or hypothesis.  I’m just posting some images of Old Sol’s face and the concurrent locations of celestial bodies relative to one another.

Further deponent sayeth not.

Old Jules


15 responses to “Disambiguating, De-Obfuscating and De-Horsemanurizing the Previous Post

  1. We live here at the pleasure of serendipity. Van Allen Belt, solar winds, comets, stray asteroids, etc. If I think about all of these at once, I could trigger a panic attack.

  2. Aaw, an I was all excited to hear a cool theory! It’s cool to see the difference though. What is the coronal hole…?

  3. Who/what is Old Sol’s face?

  4. Mars ir really bright in the eastern sky after dark. With all the planets in view, I may have to Ger one of my telescopes out. Went out the other night with binoculars and took a look see.

  5. In fact, you have further obfuscated me and I am additionally ambiguated. That’s okay – it’s sort of a head rush.

    The Good Luck Duck

    • Morning Roxanne: I don’t know but what de-obfuscations and disambiguations are just a trick of the mind. A human lifetime’s a complicated place inside a more complex environment. Maybe head rushes are the most important thing we experience. Gracias, Jules

  6. This always amazes me just how Blog writers for example yourself can find some time and the commitment to keep on Producing excellent blogposts your site https://sofarfromheaven.com/2012/02/23/disambiguating-de-obfuscating-and-de-horsemanurizing-the-previous-post/ is fantastic and one of my have to read personal blogs, I’d been more than amazed with the post Disambiguating, De-Obfuscating and De-Horsemanurizing the Previous Post | So Far From Heaven I just needed to thank you and congratulations Kind regards horny

  7. Jules, can I just say today’s the first time I hear the word disambiguating? I took a look at the photos’ of Sol, and felt my IQ go up a couple of points! hee hee! Seriously, these are interesting. My son took a college course titled Earth, Moon, and Sun last semester and I remember him showing me photos of the celestial bodies that resemble yours. 🙂

    • Hi Bella: Thanks for coming by and for examining the pics. Fact is, Old Sol’s doing some lying, or tongue in cheek ambiguating about himself, I think. If you look at the Coronal hole pic [click it for a large view] on spaceweather.com for today, and at the one for October 24, 2005, each day following the pics I posted before, and compare them, a person gets a pretty fair notion of whether Old Sol’s running the show, or whether the planets are. Gracias, Jules

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