Seven Dollar Air vs Renewable Air

Hi readers.  Thanks for the visit.  I’ve got the side-panel back onto the comp and the dust is settling, so I suppose I’ve cheated computer-death once more.

I’ve neglected the redneck repairs side of blog entries for a while, so I’m offering this up for the poor, the hungry, the huddled masses without air conditioning or filtered air in their homes.

Texas is determined to find its way into my computer.  I read blogs and websites offering reminders to “spring clean that comp!”  and I just shake my head in wonder.  Every computer I’ve owned during the past 20 years I’ve been living without air conditioning would have needed a jackhammer and backhoe to get the dirt out if I cleaned it once a year.

Probably the never, never, never school of 21st Century certainties will find the following inadvisable.  I suggest you believe them if it resonates with you.

But if you’re a person who’s not confident buying cans of compressed air at $7 US per whack to blow dirt out of your computer presents an unacceptable level of risk, you might try this.

These are air pumps.  They’re designed to take air out of the sky and blow it in a fine stream under pressure at a target of opportunity.  Maybe an air mattress.  Maybe a bicycle tire.  Or perhaps, the inside of a computer.

Each of these was purchased from a thrift store at a cost of less than $3 US.

They have the disadvantage of allowing themselves to be used for years, repeatedly doing the same thing without going empty.  They have a second disadvantage of not providing the user with a stack of empty cans to dispose of.  And they have a third disadvantage of not costing $7 anytime during their lifetimes.

The people who sell compressed air for $7 per can will tell you the reason a person shouldn’t do this involves the risk of humidity, compressed in the pump, condensing on the computer parts when it decompresses, venturi-like.  You should be able to test the premise by directing the nozzle of your pump onto the surface of a mirror and observing whether any moisture condenses there.

 The other risk they’ve thought up involves static electricity being created by the friction of the pump damaging something inside the computer.

The people who believe them will verify for you that the reasons the the expensive canned-air bidness folks have dreamed up to justify the need for their product are valid. 

If you prefer to believe them you’d be well advised to just buy air at the going price.  And if you have some extra money lying around, invest in air futures.  It’s already a lot higher than gasoline at the pump, and the air-manufacturing brothers-in-spirit of the folks selling you gas are learning from them.

I suppose I’m just old fashioned.  I drink water out of a well, mostly, instead of buying bottled water.

Old Jules


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25 responses to “Seven Dollar Air vs Renewable Air

  1. Oh, that is excellent. I especially liked:
    “They have the disadvantage of allowing themselves to be used for years…”

  2. I have an old can of compressed air I bought back in the 1980s, a small can. It was for my camera. It’s in my camera bag.

    I had a very nasty computer cleaning job, last year for which even a bicycle pump would be challenging. My brother’s computer was running hot. I dissassembled the box and found handfuls of cat hair. No, I didn’t want to touch it. I brought the computer to the back yard and used a broom to sweep it out. The best part was blowing out the rest of the debris.

    I used the exhaust port of my trusty old canister vacuum cleaner. I plugged the hose and nozzle attachment to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, switched on the motor and whoosh! Away went the nasties. If you have a vacuum like that, do the blow out, outdoors.

  3. Heaven forbid we actually learn to economize and cut down on recyling.
    Great post.

  4. Where can I purchase air stock? Oh I know, just send the money to you.

  5. oh love this. Thanks. I can’t wait to tell son as he does all the computer cleaning and repairing.

  6. You can’t stand in the way of progress… I guess… 😦

  7. That’s true. Anyone trying to sell you something will lie. That includes compress air sellers. (?) Lol.

  8. You’re supposed to CLEAN your computer? (hand smacks forehead)

  9. great post… it helps a lot to computer geeks… 🙂

  10. Volunteer computer technician’s dirty secret: a vaccuum cleaner for really nasty jobs, a bendable soda straw for the rest. Phooey on that business of lung mositure, because a warm computer collects no moisture. I’ve taken out those aluminum CPU blocks, removed the fan and washed them in the sink, too. If any of the fans start making too much noise, something like sewing machine oil is perfect if you can get it on the bearings. That should make it last a little longer, at least.

  11. Just know that those people who buy canned air would also buy bottled water! They could give lessons on How to Waste Cash. Glad to see many people attempting to be economical.

    • Good morning Gypsy Bev: It’s a statement, I think, of affluence. All those plastic bottles of water for sale at a price it ought to be, considering what it is. People need water more than they need gasoline. Gracias, Jules

  12. Yee-ahhh-well. I thought NM had the most dust I’d ever seen until we moved to the north shore of the Big Island. Now we have dust AND mold, and tradewinds socking that red dirt right into our screens (and thus houses) on a daily basis. Price of Paradise, I guess 😉

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