Cathouse urgencies


Salvaged wheelbarrow, salvaged nightstand and salvaged material stapled over door opening

Salvaged microwave stripped of components with the back cut off makes a great means of keeping the cat food dry

Heavy rain and the cool snap last got me scrambling to give the cats a way to get out of the weather and keep the food dry.  Looks as though it will serve, but I’ve got to work on several more shelters.  They’re there, but need upgrading a bit. 

Cat houses and such

I’ll confess I’m behind the curve on a lot of things.  I should have re-wrapped that electrical tape around the busted phone line before the rain hit.  Internet’s back in tin-can telephone speeds this morning.

Artful Communications – White Trash Repairs 3

Old Jules

Gordon Lightfoot – Early Morning Rain (Live in Chicago – 1979)



Gale and Kay were working the Mesquite Show in Fredericksburg this weekend, so I borrowed Little Red today and went into town for necessaries.  But when I’m on the road I always shop the grader ditches and investigate any potentially useful items thrown or blown out of vehicles.  Today was great insofar as upgrading cathouses:

The top was missing on this, but otherwise it's in good shape

The cats will be fighting over which gets to sleep inside this

I find a lot of these lids in the ditches and this one almost fits.


Also found these rubber bungie cords near another bunch of trash in the ditch

Old Jules

7 responses to “Cathouse urgencies

  1. Uh, ummm….
    when I saw the title Cathouse urgencies, I thought of something completely different.
    I am pleasantly surprised at what this post turned out to be!
    There’s so much ‘adult content’ garbage out there, and I love redneck repairs.

    • sekanblogger: Thanks for stopping by. I like to think everything on this blog is adult content. At least to the extent I’m adult and most of the readers are adults, though most of us probably know less about adult-stuff than any 16 year old. I do pee outside, but I haven’t posted anything about it yet. Had to hold myself back on it, but I resisted. Taking an umbrella ooutside to pee introduces a whole new perspective on reality for the unannointed. Gracias, Jules

  2. Genius! You haven’t slept until you’ve slept to the sound of rain on a metal roof.

    • Hi guttermutt. Thanks for the visit and read. I wouldn’t know about the premise about not sleeping unless, etc. I can’t recall a place in my life when I hadn’t slept under a metal roof. The cats don’t mind. Gracias, Jules

  3. good idea (~_~) that which blowed over you is coming, its coming, it’s coming this way

  4. I am all smiles over this one! My chicken yard fence has served many necessary projects before and the ‘new’ hen house was the ‘donkey pasture shed!’ I have to get out there now and build-in the cozy for winter.

  5. Hi Jules! Some of those sturdy plastic storage totes with a hole cut in the side and a bedding of hay to wick moisture works good as a bed. I like how you take care of the kitties. 🙂

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