A Filler for Bad Texas Weather

Good morning everyone, Jeanne here.  Jules and I discussed the possibility that the horrendous weather he’s been having down there in the hill country might inhibit his going online for a day or two, so I’m putting up a couple items that I was going to save for a future Ask Old Jules entry. As always, if you have a question yourself that  you’d like to see answered in a future post, you can put it in the comments on either site. 

Old Jules, my partner and I  have asked spirits/orbs/ghosts into our home so that we can take photos of them. We have some good orb pics. The thing that have really noticed is that within a minute of my partner sensing something in the room, I often smell an incredibly strong smell of rotten eggs/rotten flesh. This has happened about 3 times whilst asking for beings to be photographed. The other night after taking pics I suddenly smelt it in my bedroom, like it was following me (and I was undressing). My partner seems to sense beings,  but I don’t.  I smell them, but he can’t.
So my main question is whether this smell is of bad spirits/demons?

Sounds as though you might need to try the NOSE (Neotronics Olfactory Sensing Equipment; Neotronics). It’s likely to be the rage in the next generation of marketing ghost-chasing equipment to television watching ghost busters.

Paranormality’s grand
Electro-magnetically scanned;
Ghost-chasing adventures
And captitalist ventures
Finally go hand-in-hand.

Old Jules, what’s the best strategy to play blackjack online?

The best strategy is to not play online. Would you play blackjack at a casino where they took the cards into the backroom to shuffle them, where everything important happened outside your range of vision, where the whole thing, beginning to end, was done in a dark room illegally and you’d have no recourse in the unimaginable event you could prove you’d been cheated?

Online gambling from the US just about fits that description. The online casino strangers you play with provide the games because they have a vested interest in winning. If Lady Luck doesn’t offer up the profits there’s nothing at all to keep them from helping her along.

12 responses to “A Filler for Bad Texas Weather

  1. Are you sure the guy with the first question didn’t smell his partner’s farts? Or when the orb showed up, maybe he ought to check out his own pants. . .(grin)

    • DizzyDick, I actually thought of that, too.

    • Hi DizzyDick: There’s a body of opinion that orbs and ghosts are actually composed of escaped gas from the intenstine held together by the digested remains of certain specific food items. Raw, or partially cooked okra is suspected to be a metaphysical cohesive that sometimes brings them to life, or something rhyming with life from an olfactory perspective. Thanks for the visit. J

  2. You Were Born To Succeed

    What do you plan to do with the orbs/entities when you are through photographing them? You could end up with a houseful of ghosts for the rest of your life. If they like it there, they just might invite some friends, too. I just wrote a series of articles about ghosts on my blog you might be interested in http://youwerebornthatway.wordpress.com/category/occultpsychic/. I hope you don’t end up with company you can’t get rid of.

    • You Were Born To Succeed: In Texas they keep them around to call up to vote in closely contended elections. Voting the graveyards has deep roots in tradition. If it hadn’t been for orbs and ghosts in one county in Texas John Kennedy/LBJ wouldn’t have been elected to serve as King and Chancellor for the nation. Gracias, J

  3. There’s no way of knowing who the asker for that question was, or what their intentions were. Old Jules found the question on a Q/A site a while ago, and I saved his answers that I thought were entertaining or interesting in some way to use them for the other blog.

  4. Agreed with the online gaming response. The only gaming which appears to be relatively fair are the ones where you don’t gamble for real money, but endure massive annoying advertising on the site. All they want is your eyeballs.

    • Hi Ed. Glad you came by. Fair’s in the eyes of the beholder, I reckons. Folks who volunteer to gamble blind and close their eyes to the obvious almost have to be getting something out of it they think of as rewarding. Gracias, J

  5. Beetlejuice? I don’t know. So much unknown, I’m open to any possibility. Do ghosts exist in good & evil? Are they an extension of the being we might have once known? Are they tired? Do they want to be left alone? Is the smell something other than them, and a coincidence?
    Beetlejuice. Movie joke. That was twice.
    Come on over. You’ve been nominated as a ‘Versatile Blogger.’ With everything this blog is, it is certainly, versatile. Really like coming here.

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