What about the non-Jews killed by the Nazis?

Note from Jeanne: Here’s another example of a random question answered by Old Jules a while back on another website. If you have a question you’d like answered, please leave it in the comments. And of course, find more equally random questions and his answers at www.askoldjules.com.

Old Jules, why does everyone forget the other 10 million people who were killed by the Nazis?  It’s well known that around 17 to 21 million people were killed during the Holocaust. including Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Disabled people, Peasants, ethnic Poles, Soviets, prisoners of war, etc…
But why is it that people only ever remember the “six million Jews” when talking about the Holocaust? Even my friend’s little brother is taking history in school and is being taught about Nazi Germany and even he said he is only being taught about the 6 million Jews,etc…
Isn’t it either ignorant or disrespectful to forget or outright ignore the fact that it wasn’t only Jews who were targeted?

Jews are no better, no worse than the rest of us. If those of us who are non-Jewish were Jews. we’d probably direct a lot of energy to turning the German holocaust to our own advantage, just as they’ve done and continue doing. [In fact, many ethnic groups use similar tactics to keep the memories of wrongs done to their ancestors in sharp focus, probably for the same reasons].

Israeli Zionists are more intelligent and better educated than most citizens of Europe and the US. They understand the populations are mostly shallow ignorant sheep, that their attitudes and viewpoints are easily manipulated by controlling the information fed to them by the media and textbooks. They’d be a lot less intelligent than they are if they failed to take advantage of the obvious.

It’s true a lot of other groups died during the holocaust and that 20th Century genocides killed far larger numbers of others in the USSR, Cambodia, Biafra, French Guiana, Armenia, the Ukraine and elsewhere. Mostly they go forgotten and unnoticed.

There appears to be a deliberate attempt to focus entirely on Jewish victims and the German holocaust and brush all the others aside. This could be the result of a number of possibilities.

This focus isn’t necessarily intended to suggest the only victims of genocide that matter are Jews, and it isn’t necessarily a cynical, opportunistic PR campaign by Israeli Zionists to twang the heartstrings of the world or the US and Europe with constant reminders of the German [Jewish] holocaust so’s to keep military and financial assistance going to them.

It might just be that Jews worldwide feel the pain of the Jewish genocide more than they feel the non-Jewish ones, and since they’re deeply connected within the media, governments, publishing and elsewhere, they naturally focus on their own painful remembrances unconsciously. Not because they don’t care about the others, exactly, but they care more about their own.

But it might also have something to do with keeping the eyes of the world directed away from Israel’s own massacres when they find genocide against others to be convenient.

7 responses to “What about the non-Jews killed by the Nazis?

  1. talesfromthelou

    Numbers are wrong. Russians lost 20 million just themselves, no ?

    • Could be. I haven’t got time to check that at the moment, so I’ll assume you’re right.

    • Good morning tales from the lou. Thanks for coming by for a read. Probably the numbers for the victims of genocide for the 20th Century are as much a matter open for debate as most everything else. If you’re persuaded of some other number, hold it tight, savor it, whatever. Gracias, J

  2. I’ve reminded people of the wrongs against all people who were not of perfect Aryan background or appearance during the ethnic cleansing by the Third Reich. Anyone seen as “unfit” was a candidate for extermination. This mindset, in a more subtle form is strong yet today in many radical movements from nationalists to religionists everywhere, including the USA.

  3. I’m unaware of any Jewish genocide. I like to look in and study on that region of the world from time to time.

  4. Morning Jason. Thanks for stopping in. Shatila Refugee Camp, Lebenon, 1982, or maybe it was Sabra. But a person need only pick up an OT and open to a random page, read a few pages. The Jews of ancient times were a bloody lot, I reckons. Pretty much the same as the rest of our ancestors. Now they’ve joined us again.

    Gracias, J

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