Philosophy by Limerick – Necessary Evils

Providing for continuity
Needs high salaries and ingenuity
Retirement and health care
Assurance of wealth care
And uniformed Homeland Security.

Old Jules

Incidently, notice the other cats under the cars.  Snitches, most likely.  Especially the one peeking out from behind the front tire.

4 responses to “Philosophy by Limerick – Necessary Evils

  1. Sooooo…. Just what IS going on here? Big-ass guns do appear to be pointing somewhat in kitty’s direction. But the had seems to be about to pet, trying to pet, or trying to move kitty out of the line of fire that they clearly are capable of setting. I’m baffled – can see why the guy who is reaching down has his weapon pointed that direction, but what’s up with the other guy? He worries me.

    • heretherebespiders: It came to me as an email forward a few years ago and I’ve studied it a bunch. The license tags on the cars are missing, or obscured, and the patches on the uniforms. Might be a staged shot, maybe photoshopped with deliberate care to make the location anonymous. But I do love the pic. Gracias, J

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