Off the Subject

Hokay. I don’t discuss metaphysics much here and I’m not going to start doing it.  But I’m going to throw this in because it needs to be said.

I know all you Reiki folks and other practitioners of metaphysical efforts toward improvement of human health conditions are fairly hide-bound, closed-minded, stultified and mind-locked regarding why what you do works the way it does.  And I know a few of you read this blog.

So I’m going to suggest this to you even though your minds will immediately reject the entire concept of traditional or even quantum physics influencing the success or failure of your efforts.

If you visit spaceweather dot com and scroll downward in the left sidebar you’ll find Interplanetary Mag. Field identifying time of magnetopause for the dayFor the hell of it, clickmore dataand select a time to do what you hope to do when the BZ is nearest the centerline on the graph.

If you find it makes a difference you might scroll down further to the Geomagnetic Storms chart and look for days when the severe and active number’s lowest for your latitudes.

I’m not going to tell you how to do your own business and I have no intention to erode your faith in your angels and whatnot.

But if you’re ever feeling bored you might just give it a try and keep track of whether it makes a difference in your success/failures.

Meanwhile go on back to your angels and mass-consciousnesses.

Old Jules

2 responses to “Off the Subject

  1. Jules, I’ve noticed a change in your writing. To poke fun, and generalize against people that promote love, not war… well, I read bitterness into this particular post, as an example. If you presented your information in a more clever way, you could still throw in some veiled sarcasm. But I guess you are nothing if not direct in your discernments. Anyway, I prefer to err on the side of the healers, metaphysical or not. Everytime I have a serious question, I can always find answers from physicists. I think you might be a bit harsh lately, in that everyone is different, some more than others… just saying…

    • cissyblue: Sometimes my attempts at humor fall flat, even with people who know me well and generally already understand my viewpoints [and discernments] regarding metaphysics and healing. Jeanne agreed with you that this particular post seemed harsh. I can only say I’m only human, frequently hidebound, frequently stultified, frequently closed minded. No less so than a lot of people into metaphysics and healing I have a lot of respect for, have learned a lot from over the years. If I’ve seemed bitter lately I suppose it’s possible it’s there, though I don’t see it. Although it’s true I’m feeling a bit of pressure whispering to me from the wings involving some aspects of my personal situation here. I do my daily rituals of gratitude and forgiveness, more determinedly lately because I am at least aware of some vulnerability. But I’ll also confess sometimes to use a sledgehammer, an axe, an ice pick, as a particular rhetorical tool intended for a particular job, and that sometimes the tools I select are found by readers to be unpalatable, by me, expectedly so. I appreciate your observations and I’ll give some thought to what you’ve said. Gracias, J

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