Stick’em Up

My favorite manip of one of Jeanne’s art pieces

Hi readers.

The email forwards are telling me you fine, upstanding citizens are giving serious thought to electing a vice-king who’s committed to robbing me of the only financial resource I’ve got:  my Social Security pension check.  Paid in by me longer than most of you’ve been alive, by me and matched by those paying me.

Hokay.  For myself, I honestly don’t give much of a damn.  I’ve lived long enough and hard enough to be confident I can survive as long as I need to.  It ain’t a big deal in that regard.

But I’ve got four cats here depending on me to buy food for them.  Cats I value higher than I value the lives of the multitudes of folks who are venal enough, stingy enough, or indifferent enough to tacitly or actively select candidates who don’t give a damn about my cats.

All over this country there are people in similar circumstances, probably placing a higher value on the continuation of their own lives than I do, depending on those SS checks monthly to pay the rent, the mortgage, buy food for themselves.  People who paid in, and their employers paid in on the promise there’d be an eventual return when the cows all came home.

Those people grew up in a different time with an entirely different set of values than exist today.  They aren’t as accustomed being pushed around and bullied as the folks who’d help rob them might wish.

I don’t know how they’ll react if you rob them.  I don’t even know how I’ll personally react.  But I will tell you this:

Back me into a corner and take away my livelihood, force me to kill my cats as an alternative to having them starve, and a different man will come out the other end.  A man who has not a damned thing to lose other than his life, which there probably ain’t a lot left of anyway.

So do whatever you damned well please, vote in whatever greedy animal you wish to do your robbing chores.  But keep in mind there’s a piece of the population out there you’re deliberately and calculatedly choosing to back into corners without gaining a damned thing for yourselves except smug satisfaction.

And the folks you plan on doing it to are tougher than you, smarter than you, potentially one-hell-of-a-lot meaner than you, and almost certainly won’t take kindly to being mugged.

You don’t have the imagination to care, but life has a way of providing what the imagination doesn’t supply.

Old Jules

42 responses to “Stick’em Up

  1. Right there beside you, not behind but beside. People need to wake up.

  2. gorgeous art piece……getting ready for what’s coming……

  3. The Government made “We the People” a promise, and We made payments on that promise, but the ethics of modern politicians are summed up as, “So what? What do you expect us to do?” The obvious answer is, “The same thing you did for Big Business: bailout Social Security, too.” However, their short attention span prohibited them from hearing that response. Nobody should miss the intrinsic corruption in modern politicians since they do not even bother to hide this robbery. I stand with you, also.

    • Hi Steve: Thanks for coming by. Fact is the entire whatchallit’s gotten so perplexing as to be almost confusing. Trying hard here not to be speechless. Succeeding thus far. Gracias, J

  4. A part of me wonders if some portion of the politicos aren’t hoping to create such a conflict intentionally. The rest of me wonders why the Sam Hill they would.

  5. SprinklinThoughts

    I’m with you.
    Not much left to lose anwyay.
    I don’t get it… if someone came to rob them, most people would not just roll over – but if it’s done long-distance than they act like it’s not even happening.

  6. While I disagree with your attitude re: voting, I do admire the courage to stick with it… I too am one of those who will suffer more if SS is raided by the idiots the unwashed masses have elected; indeed, I already have plans on who to pick off first, should matters come to a head…. Yes, they’re all insane; they have to be to want to be elected in the first place….I have a lot of patience with the insane, but not when they fuck with my life any more than they already do…. You’ve spoken for a lot of folks here…. now if anyone would listen, we’d be all set…..

  7. With you on this one. To Ed, they want to rule, not as equals with their constituency but as Stalin, Lenin and others did. They are of the same party by a different name. Just in case you were wondering.

    • Mary: You left out Hitler, Mooseahlini, wossname, the black guy in Uganda, Pol Pot, sundry people in South America, wossname in Panama. No point not giving credit where it’s due, thinks I. Gracias, J

  8. Jules, I feel the same about my chickens, ducks,geese and 2 dogs. No cats as they like to eat wild birds that I feed. Had to draw the line somewhere.

    Heard one of my neighbors got federal charges against him for killing a skunk with a dramatic projectile. Seams kind of steep for protecting your property. Things are going to get very ugggly before they get better. Just hope my preparations are adequate. Blessings.

    • Mary: I wouldn’t mind having some ducks, geese next lifetime. This time around it’s getting too close to the last stanza for me, I figures. Do still a stinker now and then though and managed to stay out of their criminal justice system thus far. gracias, J

  9. Not to worry, Old Jules. Romney, Ryan and the others aren’t planning to cut the Social Security benefits for members of our generation—only for younger people who’ve been duped into thinking the money isn’t there for them anyway.
    All the proposals to monkey with Social Security only affect people 55 years old and young which, very conveniently, are people who will become eligible for Social Security more than two Presidential terms in the future.

  10. why does one spend tens of millions of dollars to get a job that pays what ? $250 K a year? it is certainly not because of any overwhelming great love for the service of any folks like you or I…..I’d love to see a congress and senate filled with Bernie Sanders clones. Kill all the rest of the thieving bastards and let Zeus sort it all out……..that said ….anyone who earns less than $250K a year or who is a woman is brain dead if they vote Republican

    • Hi Rich: I thinks they does it out of public spiritedness and a desparate yearning to pay something back for all the good things this country’s done for them. Or else they have some selfish motive. Gracias, J

  11. I will stand in front of my people first and then my cats or all of the above at the SAME time. We are in different countries but the problems are similar. I have two thumbs and they are pointed towards the sun in response to this post. Yes!

  12. Great post. Love this one! True, I don’t know you or your discernments, haha, but I know you are a wonderful man! If you don’t mind… “life has a way of providing what the imagination doesn’t supply.” You’re just so good!

  13. cool post……im not american but this shyte is global……to hell with em all…….ill eat pigeons if i have to and i WILL survive and i WILL fight them and their corrupt financial hokus pokus………..

  14. Don’t lose any sleep Jules. Your Social Security Check is not at risk. It’s called propaganda.

    • Hi Jane: Thanks for the visit. I honestly don’t know how either of us can possibly know whether it’s at risk, or isn’t. Propaganda comes from all directions and lies are more-or-less non-discriminatory. I’ve seen plenty of quotes from the parties involved suggesting plenty of them have made no secret of their intentions, desires, and have fabricated lots of rationale and motivations to justify themselves for wanting to do it. Gracias, J

  15. The real trick is to cut out the noise. What’s said doesn’t really matter. They promise the world, but none of them ever deliver. Watch what they do. Read the budgets, bills and voting records yourself. Any time the media or another politician gets between you and the facts all you’ve got is spin. I’ve taken enough courses in math and marketing to know that you can take any set of numbers you want and find a way to make them say whatever you want them to. When they start talking, they’re usually trying to tell you what you want to hear, not what’s really going on.

    • Hi Jane. You might be right. I figure noise, or no noise, they’re going to do precisely what they choose to do. Both sides, either side, and what they choose to do is going to happen. I see it as entirely outside my range of influence, which I go a step further and see as not worth trying to anticipate. Ergo, not my business in any meaningful sense. Thanks for the observations and opinion. gracias, J

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