Turning Imagination Loose on the Future

Hi readers. 

You people who stay excited about things all the time and are forever racing around doing the things you’re excited about probably won’t be impressed with this.  But suddenly having a gate open in front of me has this old 70 year old mind reaching out caressing all the damned things it didn’t even know it was missing.

One of the joys, just having the possibility where it wasn’t before, is that I might get to attend a performance at the Santa Fe Opera one more time before I die.  [ The Horror of Discovering You Love Opera] Maybe more than one if the Coincidence Coordinators allow for it.  When the thought of it sneaked into my head I broke out into a grin and found a cat to scratch behind the ears while I went on imagining it in detail: 

Parking that old RV up there, sitting in a camp chair watching all the dressed-up people pulling up in their BMWs and Mercedes with bow-ties and fancy dresses.  Sipping a cold suds and smiling to myself while I eavesdrop, then sauntering in to lose myself in something I haven’t done in almost two decades.  And didn’t even discover until ‘way to much of my life had passed, opportunities missed.

But there’s also crawling around Hueco Tanks at least one more time.  Maybe spending a night at Monahans Sand Hills State Park.  I think the cats would love that place.  Camping up on the Mimbres Divide, climbing to the top of the ridge where you can see all the way to Dallas or Somewhere, flashing a mirror at all those city folks on the Rio Grande scurrying about their lives.

Maybe setting up my little CB radio hock shop across from the Sky City Casino, listening for truckers who lost all their gas-money inside trying to sell everything they own for enough money to get fuel to California or Denver.

I din’t even know my brain was going dead here, but it’s been so long since even thinking about that sort of thing had a smidgin chance of happening, the grey matter went to sleep.  And now it’s beginning to awaken.

Uplifting, uppidy, peeling years, decades off my brain and my life just on a promise.  I need to go outdoors and lift something heavy to get my feet back on the ground.

Old Jules

9 responses to “Turning Imagination Loose on the Future

  1. I can fully understand the excitement over possibilities as a new road opens up – can almost sense the freedom from here. I always thought tailgating was one of the best parts of the SF opera. Nothing too highbrow, a pic-i-nic basket and bottle of wine.

    I hope someday you’ll give us a post from there.

  2. As a child I always loved classical music. I figured I might like opera some day, but knew I didn’t then. It works best for me if I read the basic story first, so I can pay attention to the music instead of trying to follow the story.

    • Hi Ed. First opera I ever attended had subtitles on a screen on the back of the seat in front of me. I’ve sometimes wondered if I’d have become as fond of opera if that hadn’t been there. SF opera had a screen above the stage with the words one time or another, but it got so a person didn’t notice. Nice feature. Gracias, J

  3. Happy for you. Love the image of lifting something heavy to get your feet back on the ground!

  4. May the Coincidence Coordinators keep you floating on air. So nice when something you really enjoy pops back into your life!

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