Teetering on the Brink of a New Era – May My Flock Decrease

A friend of Linda’s [the lady who runs the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store in Kerrville] has agreed to take my flock of free-ranging chickens.  As well as Kay’s smaller flock.  He’s been taking care of Linda’s free-rangers when she isn’t home, lives adjacent to her, and Linda vouches for him being a responsible person.

So it’s one more bug on the windshield of this old life, thinks I.

Sometime today he should be coming out to pick them up.   I’ve kept them caged so I’ll be able to catch them.

One small step for a man, one giant step for mankind, I figures. 

I’ll miss them, but you can’t take them with you, as the saying goes.  Once the Great Speckled Bird joined the Great Rooster Fight In The Sky things haven’t been the same around here anyway.  A lot of the joy that came with having the flock around went away, and the hens quit behaving themselves without him to keep them in line.

Old Jules

11:00 am addendum:  The birds are history, except for the silky rooster commie pictured above.  He got loose and I’ll never catch him today.  But a silky of his stature oughtn’t be too difficult to find a home for.  Everyone wants a chicken with his kind of class, thinks I.

21 responses to “Teetering on the Brink of a New Era – May My Flock Decrease

  1. I’d be curious to hear if/how you plan to stay connected to us via your blog as your efforts approach denouement.

    • Hi Ed. I’m going to have to take the Garbanzo Off-line comp along to allow continuing work on the Uncertainty Principle project if it isn’t complete before I exit. I’ll also be bringing along a laptop, which I’m told will allow me to pull up outside somewhere with WIFI and go online. But WIFI’s completely outside my range of experience, so I’ll have to see how things settle-out Universe-wise in that regard.

      My plan is to keep writing, then when I’m somewhere I can go online, post whatever seems fitting to the blog.

      But that’s all tentative, depending on all manner of things I don’t know anything about. Gracias, J

      • Good answer. The funny thing about roaming and using WIFI is you’ll find a usable free connection in some of the darnedest places. A tiny bank branch near here, for example, has free WIFI 24/7. Frankly, most of those who have a WIFI server have no idea how to lock you out, nor any reason why they should. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter, either.

  2. Are you taking the cats with you?

    • Hi DizzyDick: Yeah, the felines are the reason I’m having to go so fancy and ostentatious with it. They’ve got to have a safe place to live with real walls, etc. I’m breaking them in to the idea slow and easy, getting them used to eating in there thus far [except the invader cat, who won’t be going]. I’ll probably take a month easing the others into not becoming too tense with being inside there. First just sitting still with the engine running, then driving across the meadow, getting them used to it moving with them inside. And as soon as it’s cool enough I’ll begin sleeping inside it, them with me closed up in there.

      By the time we hit the road I’m hoping there won’t be a lot of drama and up-chucking. Gracias, J

  3. A practical plan for easing the cats into the adventure. I admire a good plan.

  4. Hi Jules,
    I hope all your plans will be come along as you want them to: good luck. And I’m looking forward to reading more, of your preparations and then, your travels.
    Take care, and have a good one,

    • Hi Pit: The nice aspect of consciously allowing the Coincidence Coordinators to control the tiller is that changes of direction become just part of the life equation. Me, I’m a passenger paying for an adventure. Gracias, J

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your travels, too. Understand about the chickens. They can sure pull your heart strings at times. Would hate to have to give mine up. Hope I can travel this winter. Hope to find someone to care for the birds. Currently about 70 with chickens, bantams, ducks and geese. Expect to butcher the extra cockerels. If the goose hatches her clutch of eggs I may be back up near 70 birds after butchering the cockerels. Certainly to many to take traveling. Great travels and blessings.

    • Sage Sparrow Mary: The silky commie’s feeling depressed about it all. I’m working up to caging him and carrying him into Harper this afternoon. Didn’t allow him to free range today, and there’s a lady there with a lot of hens and no rooster promises to spoil him. Gracias, J

  6. That little Silky rooster looks a lot like my black silky. They are special birds. Hope you find him a good home. Blessings.

  7. Hi Old Jules, my name is Zor’ra. Sounds like I’m catching you during a period of transition. Sorry I haven’t talked to you sooner. I really like the way you write, your easy-going and comforting style. It reminds me of something from my childhood and youth…you inspire me to remember my roots. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award http://sthaelrazor.com/2012/08/14/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ I would be truly honored if you would accept. May God Bless you on your journey and may your pathway always be filled with good times, Zor’ra

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