Gypsy Road Trip

“We like it here and we ain’t goin’ back.”  Residents of Slab City in Southern California enjoy their life of freedom where the air is clean and rent is free.

Sandwiched between the Salton Sea and the Chocolate Mountains, Slab City is home to many campers.  Here they don’t care what you look like or where you came from. Everyone is welcome! Campers come on dirt bikes, in RVs and even greyhound buses to park on this hidden desert city.

At the entrance to Slab City, you will find Salvation Mountain where the sides are painted with religious pictures and verses to inspire the freedom that is advocated here. Leonard Knight has been painting and repainting this mountain since 1985.  If you like his work and want to donate to the cause, a bucket of paint is his favorite contribution…acrylic is preferred.

As you travel back into Slab City,  you…

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It makes me smile just knowing they’re out there.

    • Elroyjones: Yeah, me too. It’s a seductive thought. But I haven’t convinced myself I want to get so far west between me and dying. I would, however, like to do some prospecting in the desert around Gila Bend, AZ, and Vulture Gulch. One of my favorite people in history got himself dead by Apache there in 1872. Spent seven years in a shallow grave there until another of my favorite people went out and exhumed him, moved his remains to his ranch outside Gillett, Az. Maybe if I get the chance to prospect out there I can get offed by Apache, buried, and exhumed after seven years. Moved to the great elephink burial ground. Gracias, J

      • I ended up in Gila Bend once. It’s pretty. The desert reminds me of the ocean. I grew up on the New England coast in a cannery town and the first time I saw the desert the similarity surprised me.

        Who are those favorite people in history?

        I hope you’re not going to die any time soon. I don’t expect a response to that. It’s your own private business.

        • Elroyjones: Jacob Snively was the one offed by Apache. Jack Swilling the one dug him up, re-buried him at Gillett, then got accused of sticking up a stagecoach at the time he was moving Snively. Spent the remainder of his life in prison awaiting trial, posthumously, comfortingly acquitted, however. I love those two guys. Both have been major characters in books I’ve written.

          I’ve no idea when I’m going to kick, but I harbor the hope the when, where and how it happens will be worthy of a blog entry next lifetime.

          Gracias, J

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