Silky Rooster’s Been Raptured Out

I told you that silky rooster was intelligent, but I thought he’d outsmarted himself by getting loose and left behind here.  All those hens he came up with as a chick, the surviving rooster.  Kay’s hens and rooster.  All now joined with a free ranging flock somewhere else.

And he was sorely depressed being alone here.

But he must have known faith would see him through.  A lady down the road with 17 hens and no roosters emailed me after I listed him on Kerrville FreeCycle.  We arranged to meet yesterday at a pullover midway between her and me.

“What a beautiful rooster!”  He preened.

What’s his name?”

I’ve never given him a name.”  She scowled and stroked him.

I always name my chickens.”  Attractive pucker.

To which Mr. NoName Silky replied, “I’ve been to the wild wood, mither.  Mak my bed soon.”

All’s well that ends well.

Old Jules

8 responses to “Silky Rooster’s Been Raptured Out

  1. Glad he found a good home instead of in a stew pot or worse.

  2. In my next life, I think I’ll come back as a rooster.

    • Elroyjones: I’m thinking raven or buzzard. Nobody puts ravens and buzzards into a stewpot, they get to do a lot of flying [ravens for aerobatics fun, vultures for joy-soaring] and the worse everything gets for everyone else, the better it gets for carrion eaters. But fancy-rooster might be good if a person could pick and choose the setting. Gracias, J

  3. Ah, yes, all is well that ends well. If she has full sized chickens he will have a lot of fun trying and willing hens. Just might not be overly successful. That has been the lot of my silky with the big hens. Thankfully he has two silkies and one Hamburg that he does his job well with.

    Glad he found a good home. Blessings.

    • Thanks Mary. This one’s pappaized a few hens well enough to produce some chicks, so I’m hoping he’ll serve her well, hen-wise. If not, at least he’ll be amongst a population feathered in nature. gracias, J

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