The Burden of Guilt – “When It Rains It Pours”

when it rains

Hi again readers.

One of the things I like least about Christmas is the fact it brings out so much dialogue about how we ought to devote ourselves to making it better for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Got an email just a minute ago someone posted somewhere talking about it again.

I agree entirely with the sentiment, but it’s a killer for a man [the only one] such as myself.  I’m the most fortunate man on the planet.

So how the hell am I supposed to go about doing it? 

Everyone on the planet is less fortunate than me.  Should I start by figuring out a way to make life better for wossname, Donald Trump?  The Dallas Cowboys and those who watch them?  The American Association of Non-RV Owners?  The Federation of Human Beings Alienated From Cats?

I ain’t giving what few cats I have left to someone, no matter how unfortunate they might be.  Okay, I’m a stingyguts, but there you are.

I’m at a complete loss here, and the guilt is overwhelming.

Old Jules – Headed for the finish line

12 responses to “The Burden of Guilt – “When It Rains It Pours”

  1. Every time you post you’re handing out the best parts of you to anybody that wants it.

    But Hell’s bells, you know that. You ain’t dense.

  2. SprinklinThoughts

    I say screw it… enjoy and be thankful… share it if/where/when you can. 🙂

  3. Yeah, what Dittmer said. You done went about it, so keep doing that.

  4. Any time you cause someone to smile, snicker, snort, or guffaw you’ve given more than most people hope for. I’d rather have a good grin than almost anything else.

  5. Hey Jules! Well charity starts at home,I have 3 kids 6 grand kids,Thank God 2 parents still alive. 1 paycheck to buy x-mas gifts. So grand kids 1st all very young and believe in Santa. If any, left kids will get something,the boys I will probably make custom knives. My folks never want gifts,sometimes I find something cool for them. Holidays depress the hell out of me. I used to give a little money to the folks on the side of the road,until I found out most are professional panhandlers making more than I do! If I had any left I wouldn’t mind helping someone in need. Like someone who recently lost a job etc. I refuse to help multigenerational welfare state folks, same as professional panhandlers to me! Say Bro last time I stopped by your bio said 69 yrs old,now 70 sorry I missed your birthday my friend,I Hope it was Great!!! Take care of yourself and your critters man. I think there is enough redistribution going to help most of the less fortunate out there. Don’t mean to sound shallow or uncaring but times are tough for everybody!!! Happy Holidays buddy!

  6. Lucky kitties & Old Jules…

  7. Jules, you share so much wisdom with your posts – that in itself is a gift. always good to read your posts. God bless you and stay well

  8. LIFE is a many splendored thing…

  9. One of my pet peeves is this thing they do at cash registers. “Would you like to donate a dollar to XYZ charity?” I always say no, but it makes me feel like a heel when it shouldn’t. I’m a generous soul, but I like to give my dollars to charities I’m sure of and that mean something to me. When we spread ourselves too thin, we’re not doing anyone any good. $100 to a specific charity takes them further than 100 single dollars to a bunch of organizations I can’t even name. If I’ve researched the charity,understand their purpose and buy into their mission, then I’m invested in them and am more likely to promote and support them in the future. If I just give my guilt dollar at the cash register, it’s likely I won’t remember what it was for by the time I get to the parking lot. The charity business has become big business and I for one resent a goodly number of their methods.

  10. I stumbled across this on St. Patrick’s Day. Somehow, it fits the poor Irish, too. They and their all-American corned beef and cabbage.

  11. I would take and love your cats more than anybody, even you!!!!!!!

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