Tilting Windmills Out The Window of an RV

Ira Ann Windmills2

Hi readers.

Once these damned cats croak I have one project left to complete before I fall into a burning ring of fire Johnny Cashwise.  I want to find a hubcap to use for a helmet, a garbage can lid for a shield, and a long piece of 2 inch cast iron pipe and open a can of whupass on one of those windmills they’re foresting the plains of West Texas with.

Not to suggest I have anything against them.  In fact, I respect them and whatever engineer with an Asian surname designed them.

No, I want to prove to myself and to future generations of mankind that whatever else Cervantes might have thought, he was wrong about windmills and their place in the overall scheme of things as it applies to the human condition when it’s challenged by a man of vision.

And I’m just the man to do it.

The New Old Jules

7 responses to “Tilting Windmills Out The Window of an RV

  1. Those things are not only ugly – they are a hazard to migrating birds that are unaware they are out there.

    Go get ’em Jules.

  2. You ain,t seen nuthin yet–Midland to Abilene seems as tho those damn things procreate themselves. They line the whole mesa top from Ft Sumner north to the cap in NM. Moral—try to go where the friggin wind doesn’t blow. Whatever–your post and disf___ingdain was hilarious

  3. I get that wind energy at least makes theoretical sense, since it blows all the time here in Wyoming, but they are just ugly. Simply ugly when you are used to seeing the prairie meet the sky without their gangly silhouettes.

    • Loyalbooks: Well, it might be said the pump-jacks already have interrupted the sky. But all the blowing trash out in West Texas might spoil the wind against the vanes. Graciaws, J

  4. LOL…that old Cervantes…so misguided and so lost in his distorted reality. Poor windmills…all they do is purr and stand in waiting for your return to a mutual love affair.

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