Learning to trust dishonesty


Me:  “Okay Tabby.  This has gone on long enough.   Time we had a heart-to-heart about whatever’s bothering you.”

 Tabby:  “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Me:  “That’s obvious enough.  But the fact is, I’m holding all the cards.  We’re going to work this out, or you’re going to find yourself out of a job.”

Tabby:  “I knew it was going to come to that.  You’ve never liked me.”

Me:  “Well, it’s true I didn’t pick you to be part of the clan.  You’ve never been one I’d have deliberately selected.  But I’ve tried my best to be dishonest about it consistently and not show it.”

Tabby:  “The other cats have never liked me, never accepted me.”

Me:  “Yeah, you’ve bullied them and they’ve bullied you.  I’ve had to pull you off Niaid, and I’ve had to pull Hydrox off you.  I’ve tried not to show a preference.  I even used to have to pull you off Shiva, your own mother. 

“But I’ve also held you upside down, sweet talked you, petted you, treated you as affectionately as all the rest of them were treated anytime you’d allow it.  You quit allowing it.  I didn’t quit trying.”

Tabby: That’s because I finally realized you’re a liar.  That you were being dishonest.  That you really don’t like me at all.”

Me:  “Yeah, but I’ve been consistently dishonest.  I’ve tried to hide the fact I don’t like you much during those times I didn’t and I worked hard at liking you.  If you want to stay around here and be a part of the ‘us’, Hydrox, Niaid, you and me, you’re going to have to trust me to keep on being dishonest.”

Tabby“I’m not sure I can do that.”

Me: If you can’t you stand a good shot at me starting to be honest.  I’m an old Jellicle cat man from ‘way back.  You’re a Tabby.  I learned to love your mom, even though she’s a Tabby.  I’ll keep working at it, and meanwhile I’ll keep being dishonest.  But don’t push it too far.  The clock’s running.”

12 responses to “Learning to trust dishonesty

  1. Why pretend you loved
    Why tell me it is your hand , although it is a glove
    Why pull me , when you wanted to push me away ?
    Why you lie ..and ask me to believe anyway 😉
    I maybe a fickle..a disaster a miserable cat
    But..you Sir..are nothing but a Big fat………..

    • Not particularly Big, certainly not fat, kalabalu. On the rest you lack the authority of knowing anything. Mere assertion tells much about you and nothing at all about me, about Tabby. I’d otherwise have a look at your blog, but I’m afraid I’d find it as empty as I find your comment. Thanks for the read. J

  2. Sometimes you have to show who’s boss. Heh, heh.
    Interesting picture…

  3. That’s poetry, as good as it gets.

  4. I do love pure nature nastyness, in it’s dishonesty it reaches the blisses of love perfect.

  5. That’s a very honest cat-human discourse, I believe. I’ve known a similar cat that chose to be honestly uninterested in my annoyed but hopeful attempts to make friends. Sadly it ended in a parting of ways. Sad for me: I’m sure she’s well happier, wherever she is, and thinks of me not.

  6. Good Luck Duck

    Honest honesty after a good run of honest dishonesty may be honestly too much for cat and man. Here’s hoping you can keep that to a minimum.

    • Good Luck Duck: It all counts off the three-score-and-ten plus whatever’s left to do, I reckons. Taking it as it comes is part of leaving it behind. Gracias, J

  7. Tabby remains fickle, hmmmm. At least you’re doing your part to maintain the relationship. She expects an awful lot.

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