Stuff That Happened When I Wasn’t Drawing

An update from Jeanne on Shiva the Cow Cat

Jeanne Kasten Studio

I’ve recently gotten back into the habit of daily gratitude affirmations. It’s a spiritual practice  that I learned from Old Jules, and I’m not often diligent about it, but it’s helping a lot. So  I’ll take a break from art work and show you some things that bring me joy.

1011442_10151810798330676_2014546002_nFourth of July was great. I went to my niece’s house in Tonganoxie, KS where fireworks aren’t prohibited. I missed a lot of the excitement because I left before dark, but I enjoyed seeing family that I don’t see often anymore. I left too early to see my son making cotton candy, but it was evidently spectacular!


My sister-in-law has 8 kids, a bunch of grandkids, and a couple great-grands, so this little ping-pong exercise was nothing to her!

11511_10151810800665676_1257027325_n  944171_10151810800485676_1178334123_n


Shiva, previously known as Shiva the Cow Cat, has settled in well and is  grateful that she’s no longer…

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