Re: Leanpowers’s comment on my last post:

Modern Israel is a deliberately secular nation.  What is wrong with modern Israel is what is wrong with modern humanity.  It has nothing to do with Jews, nothing to do with Judaism.

Anyone who honestly examines modern Israel and its policies and conduct during the past 65 years, however, will find himself guilt-tripped  by coveys of whining, crying, limp wrist Zionists, find himself accused of being anti-semitic.


First off, every part of the gene pool in the Middle East is semitic.  An anti-semitic would be against all of them.  But anti-Judaism does exist and is an entirely different matter because anti-Judaism is the product of the absolute darkest side of human nature and human history.

Jews and Judaism are an invaluable part of human history and modern humanity.

Zionism, on the other hand, is puke.  The nearest tribal movement in the modern world to NAZIsm re-born, but with Jews wearing the SS insignia.

Zionism is puke.  Fucked power puke with a Masada slant.  The dark underbelly of the ugly side of the nastiest Jews. 

Non-Zionist Jews and Judaism however,  are just like the rest of us on our good days.

Get it?

Old Jules

15 responses to “ELDERS OF ZION MY ASS!

  1. I was planning to make a comment on your previous post, and meantime had the opportunity to read this one… and I would suggest that you take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax before thinking about this further. Zionism is not puke. It is the reaffirmation of a belief in our homeland after a forced exile that lasted 2000 years. In fact, it’s no different from the ‘black is beautiful’ message in America during the 60s.

  2. Zionism is the Jewish expression of European colonialism. It is also a reaction to European antisemitism. Zionism bears the same characteristics as the “white man superiority” streak that gave Europe its moral superiority in establishing rule over much of the planet in the 19th and early 20th century.

    Israel is conflicted by many different opinions on its raison d’etre. For Jews in the West who support its aspirations it is seen as needed in case another Nazi, Jew-hating movement arises….a so-called safe haven for the religion. For Zionist Jews in the settler movement it is all about their right to return to all of Judaea-Samaria, the Solomonic kingdom of Israel established 3,000 years ago….crazy but that’s the thinking. For secular Jews who would like an accommodation with the Arab majority that surrounds them there are more opinions than people on what is the right way to deal with Palestinians and their national aspirations, and other Arab neighbours.

    I would question equating Nazism with Zionism. In the worst aspects of Zionist thinking the extermination of all Arabs has never been contemplated.

  3. WOW…that’s some comment for these times!
    Bravo my mui grande cajones friend (I can understand why U prefer the wilds & stay mobile. LMAO!!)

  4. Ignorance is bliss, and hiding bigotry and hatred behind bombastic expressions is par for this course!

    Being a recluse Cohabiting with cats out in the wilderness is a fitting place for you. No wonder you had to slink away 25 years ago!

    Comparing and categorizing Israel and Zionism to Nazism and the rest of your crappy ideology belongs in the dust bin of society with all the extremists right wing and communist ideologies!

    You must be quite demented to spout your puke into the public domain!

    • Thanks for the reply leanpower. I hope nothing I said offended you at all. Good luck designing and selling new ways for blowing the arms and legs off people downrange. Here’s wishing you a lot of US budget appropriations for foreign aid to bolster the sales and wishing you successes in all your other ambitions for getting rich. Gracias, Jack

  5. My understanding is you are making the analogy that Zionists are to the Palestinians what the SS was to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany, is that correct? If it is correct, can you tell me why the Israelis won’t make peace with the Palestinians and why the US aligns itself with the Israelis? I don’t understand it. The human suffering the Palestinians are forced to endure, at the hands of people who have survived epic suffering themselves, seems unnecessary in this modern age of “enlightenment”. If you can recommend one book that will explain it concisely, please do.

    • elroyjones: Palestinians, mainly, though the Israeli army has occasionally spread the wealth around.

      As nearly as I can figure it’s all a matter of European conscience post WWII about the fact the Jews had been slaughtered and herded around Europe from the day 1 by Christians. Unless a person accepts the idea that people who once lived in an area, left it for 2000 years, have a claim to it minus a religion, for me it makes no sense. So for me, that nails it as a religion based matter spilling over into politics and geography.

      A far more peaceful Jewish homeland would have been Cuba, Jamaica, anywhere outside the Middle East the western powers could have usurped the population and given to the descendants of ancient Jews. Anywhere with only water for boundaries. In such a setting they’d easily have been able to defend themselves and they’d have had no population other than the locals they took it from to contend with. The powers could have taken those off to Costa Rica or somewhere, supplanted the local population, and given it to the ones they usurped when they transplanted the Jews to their new homeland. Ad infinitum.

      The US supports Israel, partly because the US is predominantly Christian, partly because it gives them a power center ally in the Middle East, and partly because Israeli lobbyists have spent a lot of money over the past 65 years buying support in the US Congress.

      I can’t recommend a particular book, but I’d bet ShimonZ can answer those questions more better and more accurately than I can, plus recommending books to explain his views. Gracias, J

    • Hi there elroyjones. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to answer your question. There is more critical information in this story than I could possibly include in a full grown blog, let alone a blog comment. And I doubt that I’m the man to tell the story. But out of my deep respect for Jack, I’m willing to try, because I think the last two blogs on Israel were a disservice to himself. I learned English over fifty years ago, when I was a student, and haven’t used it much till I started blogging a few years ago, and haven’t read many books in English since that time, long ago. So it’s hard for me to recommend books, but I will suggest one. The Jews were forced into exile by the Romans some 2000 years ago, and spread around the world, but there were Jews living in Israel all through that time, and not only did they hang on as a tiny minority, but they also continued to produce very important contributions to human culture, science, and medicine. The Arabs are in fact our cousins, and anti-semitism in this regard is a misnomer as Jack has said. But this label was invented by our enemies, who preferred not to use words like Israel or Jews. The Zionists are in no way similar to the Nazis. On the contrary, we have settled for countless compromises over the years, hoping to bring peace to our country and region, but with very little success because we wanted too much to be loved. That is our biggest crime, and most of us are unable to realize that. The hatred of the Arabs towards the Jews started thousands of years ago because of a family dispute, and it takes two to make peace. The human suffering of the Palestinians is caused mainly by the Palestinians themselves, and it makes sense from their perspective, but it is very tragic. It takes quite a bit of studying to realize what is going on here, but if one was to really work at it, I believe that he would come to the conclusion that both peoples are rich in culture and values, but that the Arabs are unsuccessful right now in adjusting to these modern times, and the Jews have gained a certain savvy from their long years in exile. The book I would recommend is by Joan Peters, written in 1984, and called “From Time Immemorial”. I have read it translated into Hebrew. I would have told more about the Arab view of the situation, but I believe the book to be 100% accurate. I ask Jack’s forgiveness for this long comment.

      • ShimonZ: Thank you for your long reply to elroyjones. Hopefully it will expand her understanding of the issues. Gracias, J

      • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. On your recommendation I will look for “From Time Immemorial”. It is very frustrating to have so little understanding of what has happened and why it hasn’t been resolved. Many thanks for your detailed response.

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