Lefty loosee, rightee tightee

For all the good it does.


That Chinese steel T-Bar doesn’t have the strength to take a cheater.  I should have bought that half-inch drive electric impact wrench at the Midland Harbor Freight when I had the chance, but was too smart and miserly to do it.

I planned to upload some pics of the blessings of trying to get the RV up off the ground high enough to change the tire, and why it ain’t worth doing because of a Chinese steel T-Bar lug wrench.

I think I’m going to have to try to drive this booger to town with a disintegrating tire on the inside rear and cross my fingers that I don’t blow another one, or that this one doesn’t come apart in a way to keep me off the road half-way between here and there.

Seems I’ve managed to piss off someone who has the knowledge and wherewithall to deactivate the functions of the WP text editor.  For now, maybe from now own, WP text editor won’t activate the buttons to allow me to upload image files nor post tags on the blog entries.

Ah well.  My old buddy Rich went through something of this sort a while back, he tells me, when he got crosswise with the same folks I evidently angered with my views on the Bible and a particular modern secular nation.

Life goes on.  They haven’t dragged out the really heavy artillery for me yet, the way they did him.

Old Jules

10 responses to “Lefty loosee, rightee tightee

  1. Scrape the paint and or rust off from the end of the lug bolt. Wonder if it has a letter “L” stamped in the center?

    • Hi and thanks Eddie. I’ll check it out …. thus far I haven’t been able to move it either direction, though. I’m just about resigned to trying to drive it to Kerrville before the pavement heats up tomorrow morning. But if it’s got an ‘L’ stamped on it I’ll risk a cheater pipe breaking the joint on the T Bar. Worth the risk. Hope all’s well there. Regards to Val and your Uncle. Jack

  2. Just be careful with the bent t-bar and that cheater… you know it will knock you in the head and make you hit the ground real fast. Once certain of left or right… apply torque and tap with a good sized hammer. Looking forward to your visit forth coming,

  3. Your GOD must be settling accounts with you not me, LOL!

  4. Mr. Lean,

    We all have a God. Your God must be different than mine as MY God does not go around ” settling accounts” My God is omnipotent and does not involve itself with minor issue with things such as what you feel the need to instigate now…. or any other insignificant issues that you are “humped up for now”

    I recon that you should get off this interland and go pray to your God for relief.

  5. Eddie: Thanks for the thoughts. Leanpowers’s just one of the types of human beings out there in the world I figures we all need to be constantly cognizant of the existence of. We’re always in danger of falling into our complacent fantasy-universes and warm red-glows of sweetness and light if they’re not allowed to speak and be heard. Gracias, J

  6. I must have missed that. What is “Heavy Artillery ?”

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