Old Sol: “Quit trying to play God!” – “Move Israel to Puerto Rico”

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

This pre-dawn Old Sol laid it on fairly thickly.

Old Sol:  With this procedure I’ll be going through I need some quiet time.  I don’t need any unexpected emotional upheavals nor any drama to add to the stress.  I’m depending on my Chosen People to keep things settled down.  You don’t have anything in the works to rattle things do you?

Me:  I don’t think so.  The Japanese seem to have the Pacific Ocean fairly well taken care of so you won’t have to concern yourself with it much longer.  I suppose Israel might nuke someone and get itself wiped off the map, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  They’ve been working on that fifty years.

Old Sol:  I swear!  Things were calm in the Middle East for almost a thousand years.  Then you people and the British had to play God.  Moved those people back there and I haven’t heard about anything but trouble there for half a century.

Me:  Just trying to do what was right.

Old Sol:  What was right?  If I wanted those people living there making trouble I’d never have allowed the Romans to run them off.  If you wanted to give them a homeland why there, where they were sure to make trouble?  Why not Puerto Rico?  You OWNED that.  Water on all sides.  Nobody to piss off except the people already there.

Me:  They didn’t want Puerto Rico.  They thought you wanted them where they used to be.

Old Sol:  Why would they think that?  I haven’t even hinted they’re Chosen People since a long time before the Romans ran them out.  If they want to be Chosen People they need to be in the US or a US territory.  Give them Puerto Rico.  They’ll be part of the Chosen People again.  Part of the United States.  And the only borders they can violate will be salt water.  End of problem.

Me:  But what about the Puerto Ricans?  They think they already own the place.

Old Sol:  Send them to Texas.  Put them to work in all those new oil fields I just gave you.  No trouble.  Those Zionists will have a homeland and get to be part of the Chosen People again, and the Puerto Ricans will have jobs.  Besides, I always intended Texas to be mostly for Mexicans.  Puerto Ricans are mostly Mexicans.

Me:  I’ll pass this on, but nobody’s going to like it.

Old Jules

3 responses to “Old Sol: “Quit trying to play God!” – “Move Israel to Puerto Rico”

  1. This is funny if you don’t realize how it reflects a number of tragic historical coincidences. When Zionism first got started in the 19th century in response to European and Russian antisemitism it sought out a place of refuge in different parts of the world. One of those locations was Uganda of all things but that quickly was cast aside for Palestine which had a historical context.

    The Nazis toyed with the idea of deporting all the European Jews that were still alive to Madagascar which was under Vichy French control during the Second World War. But once the Free French took over that notion was dropped in the ocean.

    A mystery novel I read a few years ago created a Jewish homeland in Alaska after Jews were driven from Israel. It ran as an autonomous country but was to be assimilated into the U.S.

    So your tongue-in-cheek comments bear a resemblance to both history and fiction.

    • Hi Len Rosen. Yep, fairly unfortunate in a lot of ways. It should have been clear by the end of WWII that a potential, protected place of refuge was the only way future history could assure itself someone wouldn’t be trying to wipe out the Jews. Madagascar might actually have been a good choice, though it has a bloody history of its own. I suppose it was just the fact things happened so quickly with too many other things being in the mix that caused Israel to be located in precisely the place on the planet where it could cause the whole Muslim world to flare up. We human beings are fairly opportunistic and at that moment an Israel located there probably seemed the epitome of opportunism to Britain and the US. Thanks for the reply. J

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