Post card art, lousy dreams and cats

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by.  Jeanne’s about to zoom away on her morning bicycle ride, trying to find something long sleeved to block something just this side of the morning chill.    She says she had a lousy dream last night, dreamed Leonard Cohen died.  Bummer.

I recall dreaming Al Jolson died sometime a few years ago, but the fact he’d been dead several decades already took the edge off it.  Not a good dream, but better than when he actually did it.  I was in grammar school at the time and it’s the first time someone I really liked died, I think.  He had just come back from a USO tour visiting troops in Korea and went kerplunk.  Lousier than dreaming about it.

Anyway, in spite of myself I’ve been allowing my mind to wander into Jeanne’s Library job postcard art project.

Trying to think of something that could be forced down the throat of the post office as a post card and sent over there to be forced down their thoats disguised as art.  I’m considering gluing a 78 rpm record to a 33 rpm LP, a 45 rpm single, and a CD and putting address and stamps on the whole shebang.  Might do it yet if I can find the 78 and 33.

But I wanted to sneak around and tell you about cats, mostly.  That cat documentary at the top got me thinking about Hydrox and might have given me a dream about Niaid last night, or maybe she was just saying hi.  A lot better than dreaming about Al Jolson or Leonard Cohen.

Hydrox, by the way, is hanging in there, and I’m including him in my gratitude affirmations numerous times every day.  Been spending portions of almost every night outdoors doing what cats do.

And I’m about to toodle off to physical therapy to do what old human guys do when they’re hanging in there day to day, including themselves in their own gratitude affirmations numerous times every day.

Old Jules



15 responses to “Post card art, lousy dreams and cats

  1. Just out of curiosity, did you ever see Robert Altman’s western “McCabe and Mrs. Miller”?
    If you did, you’ll know why I’m asking.
    Never did a film have a soundtrack to it that was so much a character in the story.

    • Hi Orphan. Yep, I love that movie. Used to have a cassett tape with 60 minutes of the Stranger song over and over. I could drive from Dallas to Laredo playing it over and over until it eventually wore spang out. I try to watch the movie every 10 years or so. Gracias, J

      • Leonard Cohen. Quite the poet.
        Almost a singer.
        But, like Dylan or Cash, who else could “sing” his songs like he does?

        • Hi Orphan. I think a lady folk singer sang Suzanne better than him, but she busted his copyright by singing it at concert after getting the words over the phone and he never made a penny from the song. Not easy to imagine anyone singing TAKE THIS WALTZ, or a couple of dozen others as well as him. Sometimes I do get singing BACK ON BOOGIE STREET when I’m alone and it sounds better than him singing it. Gracias, J

  2. I know it’s a cliché but I can’t get enough of them furry, gracious things. Have you seen the one about the cat and the owl, best friends playing? Or Tara, the supergirl who’s saved the little boy from the jaws of a deranged pitbull (later put to sleep, the poor thing). Anyway, good luck on your exercises. If not for anything, they say they do wonders for those stretch marks. Best

  3. This video cracked me up especially when the one cat scooted into the neighbors house for a snack of their cat’s food.
    Best thing I ever did was own cats.
    Hang in there. Hand gliding might be a wee stretch but I’m sure bungee jumping isn’t far behind. 😉

    • Hi Tess. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a cat, but if I had it would most likely have been as good as being owned by the ones that owned me. Gracias. Hang gliding is just another step on the way to heavier than air hitting the ground hard. J

      • I do NOT understand everyone saying they have been owned by their cats. At my house–must be the air–none of my cats have been aloof–and always sociable for the past 33 years. Would you enlighten me, please?

  4. Hi Tess. it’s 0430 here. 4:30am. I’m up because Hydrox, who’d been in for a couple of hours, wanted out. J

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