That reincarnated kid video

Hi readers.  When you think about it the surprise is the Internet isn’t full of what?  Stories?  Reports?  Incidents?  Descriptions of this phenomenon and people for whom the experience is as real as their lives.

But you won’t come across it often.  There’s the 300 cases in India a European physician researched and wrote a book about a decade-or-so ago, and a lot of conjectures and suppositions.  And the million-or-so people who go around telling anyone who will listen which famous person in history they used to be.

That’s why this case comes across so strongly, I reckons.  That, and the fact the kid is from the US, whereas most research into the phenomenon has been elsewhere.

But this one was a US fighter pilot over Japan reincarnated as a kid in the United States.  Maybe nothing can be concluded from it beyond something I’ve never doubted anyway, that reincarnation happens.  But it’s possible if a person knew which parts of this not to draw any conclusions from a lot might be learned from it.

On the other hand, the human way is to draw all manner of conclusions from every shred of it, construct a doctrine and sand-cathedral from it, and figure out away to make money as a cash cow.

Glad to see the kid didn’t get any wisdom out of the ordeal.  Ought to be interesting to watch him along about time when he could volunteer for the US military.

Old Jules


6 responses to “That reincarnated kid video

  1. What a shame my parents were normal hardworking folks and didn’t try to make moola off of me when I told them I thought I’d once been an anti-aircraft gunner on an aircraft carrier, or when I developed an obsessive interest in WWI planes. I also had a really weird feeling the first time I saw an Australian native on TV – another past life? Gee, I coulda been a gazillionaire if my parents were a bit greedier!

  2. Not quite sure how Stephen and Neil and Bruce and Richey and Dewey fit into this (except for “Same Shit / Different Decade”?) but it was great seeing that video.
    Closest thing to a reincarnation I’ve seen was a Springfield reunion at Neil’s Bridge School Benefit Concert.
    And while we’re on the subject of Neil…

    Anyway …
    on reincarnation, it makes perfectly reasonable sense to me. Who would be more likely to give us a second crack at getting it right than The Almighty.

    And a Ouija board once told a friend of mine that I was reincarnated from Voltaire, so I got a really cool stake in it.


    • I dunno, Orphan. About reincarnation I know everything I need to. About checking out, seems to me the mens room at an opera mightn’t be easy to top. Midway through the performance might be as good as it gets. Santa Fe Opera preferably. I could live with that. Good anecdote amigo. Thanks. J

      Incidently, I came nigh onto using the Youngbloods performance, because all those smiley faces probably aren’t seeing any reincarnation of their faith in anything but things ain’t as easy as it looked back then. Gracias, J

  3. When I was a kid I remember something on the radio about someone being reincarnated. Also, didn’t Audie Murphy claim to be reincarnated?

    • Hi Dizzydick. Good seeing you. I’d bet you’re remembering The Search for Bridie Murphy. Big deal in the ’50s. Under hypnosis a woman found herself in previous lifetimes. But maybe I’m wrong. Search for Bridie Murphy might have been a woman with 97 separate and distinct personalities and the reincarnation one maybe someone else. But I thinnk you’re correct. Never heard that about Audie Murphy though. Gracias, J

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