I’ll call your walking machine and raise you a bicycle

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I’m sure those nurses down at physical therapy intend the best.  I’ve no doubt when they hector me about the settings on those machines they only have my best interest at heart.  But I still try to cheat and occasionally succeed, steal a few MPH, or a couple of minutes than they said was okay.  But my time’s running out with them anyway.

I’ve got to find some other exercize, might buy a membership at the new community center here, though it’s a tight squeeze in the dollars department.  And yesterday Jeanne’s son, Mike, was over, said he had a Raleigh mountain bike sitting over there not being used. 

So I briefly borrowed the one he was riding, took it up the block to the blind school, or deaf school, whatever, and back.  Just a block, and I was breathing hard, but not too hard when I returned.  Defibrillator didn’t kick me in the chest.  And I didn’t fall off the damned thing.

So I’m going to borrow that bike from him if he’ll loan it to me.  Begin riding it around Olathe, Georgia, Kansas, whereever this place is, dodging automobiles, shaking my fist at drivers who want to share a piece of the road.  Shouting threats and curses.

There are plenty of places I might be able to go to in this town that I was reluctant to try to walk because I run out of steam after a block or two.  But a bicycle!  A hotdiggedydamn Raleigh bicycle with about 90 gears on it, that’s a different herd of sheep entirely.

Gonna be a man about town.  A man to be reckoned with. 

Old Jules

5 responses to “I’ll call your walking machine and raise you a bicycle

  1. Cycling is great for us oldsters – I’m the same age as yourself. Recently I’ve had to cut back on cycle time due to a painful arthritic knee and, sad to say, the podge is returning. Enjoy the freedom!!

  2. Good morning, Jules,
    Enjoy the bicycle, it’s great exercise, but be careful on the roads with all those crazy drivers. Talking of exercise: a good measure if you’re not overdoing it is to watch if you can still have a normal conversation. Well, if you’re out on your own, you might want to start talking to yourself. 😉
    Have a good one, and safe bicycling,
    your fellow bicyclist Pit

    • Hi Pit. Thanks. If I’m looking for a change in the talking arena I’d have to QUIT talking to myself, or to cats. I anticipate a lot of good conversations between me and various cats I encounter. Gracias, J

  3. Pretty soon you’ll be riding all over the county like I do. I really love my rides; good for clearing the mind.

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