US Strong Man Warns Europe He’ll Bomb Them Back to the Stone Age

alfred e obama2

Washington (AFP) – US President Barack Obama warned that “battle-hardened” Europeans who embrace jihad in Syria and Iraq threaten the United States because their passports mean they can enter the country without a visa.

Hi readers.  This guy up there now isn’t worried because 800 Frenchmen, 200 Belgians and 400 Englishmen are battle-hardened freedom fighters having done a little Jihading in Syria.  No worries.

Seems they can now come to the US when they get weary of all that Jihading, without a VISA.  Presumably they’ll have cash enough to cover the costs.  The US strong man says we’ll just have to beef up security nationwide and quintuple the sniper squads of green berets and police swat teams to be ready for them.  No problem.

Fact is he’s been looking for an excuse to bomb those lousy Europeans back to the stone age anyway.  Especially the French, which needs no explanation for anyone who’s non-French. 

But the US Strong man has an ulterior motive for the British.  He plans to plant the heels of the combat boots of the US Eighth Army on London long enough to uproot the British Museum, box it up, and haul it to the United States.

Show those limey bastards they need to keep their freedom fighters at home.

Remember where you heard it first.

Old Jules


7 responses to “US Strong Man Warns Europe He’ll Bomb Them Back to the Stone Age

  1. Chuck Cunningham

    When did you say Krystal Nacht was going to be? Can anyone say
    Seig Heil!!!!!

    • It’s going to be whenever Israel decides it will be. This time it’s going to be Palestinians as the target, Israelis taking up the part of the Germans. Gracias, J

      • Ever since the ’66 or ’67 conflict over there, when seven Arab nations declared war on Israel…
        .. and got their foreskins handed to them in a Tiffany box…
        … I got a new-found belief and hope for Israel. Had a hard time figuring out where It came from Maybe from some of the movies I remember seeing as a kid, where the smallest voice in the crowd made the loudest noise… and the crowd never knew to expect it.
        Or the one kid in the global playground that looked the part of the renegade, the lone wolf stayed out of the way. Didn’t want to bother with the shitstorm surrounding him, and went his very unique way about dealing with it.
        “Cool Hand Luke”. There ya go.
        Someone who could take take all the punches, bounce right back for more.

        And now, I recall a friend of mine…
        an Assemblies of God, fire-breathin’, hard preacin’, Spirit-filled, Far Right Regan Republican the whole nine yards …
        I remember him telling me:

        “I read the book.
        “Israel wins.”

        Didn’t mention anything about it getting a certain majority of the House to get some of the sort of plan together over there, seeing as that LAST time… oh, shit… don’t get me started.

        • Morning to you Prodigal Son, Harris. I do recall being surprised back there at the time, and thinking Israel had a lot going for it. Too much, I tend to think it proved out. Instead of attempting to establish a peace with the neighborhood, it got land hungry and hardened its heart against the population that owned it between the beginning of the diaspora until 1946 or so. Turned out they were any damned nation, instead of a particularly worthwhile one, behaving about the way you’d expect. There ain’t any winners in the Middle East. Just different degrees and times of losers.
          Istanbul hasn’t gone back to being Constantanople. Israel wasn’t vacant of non-Jewish people before the rebellion against the Romans and it filled up with others when the Romans ran off the traditional occupants. The Romans didn’t run them off and go to all the trouble to anguish hell out of those they could catch because they were giving caesar his due.
          So now Israel is pretty well run by Europeans with a thin strain of blood connected to that land dating back so long nobody else would pay it any mind. Europeans have a lot more successful history of soldiering and military organization over the past 1000 years than Semites of all varieties including the Jews who stayed around through that 1000 years. Different cultures. Europeans are better at war, turns out, than the neighbors. Whoopteedo. No respect for the neighbors because they’ve got the most powerful military nation on earth telling them they don’t have to, slipping them aces under the table.

          Those days are probably nearing an end. Time they learned to do right because it’s right even if they don’t have to and quit stealing land doesn’t belong to them, give back all of it outside their established, liberal boundaries of 1947. Or get the US to give them a piece of land somewhere else they can move to and take away from whomever owns it now, where the neighbors aren’t so well armed.

          I’ve rambled a bit, I reckons. Jack

          • I have to confess I don’t put much stock in the notion that God cared what happened to the Jews over the centuries, including the 20th one. Seems to me there were occasions back there when it could have been expressed by word or deed that they were still chosen and that Christians oughtn’t be plaguing them so heavily. Instead, if God were saying anything during those centuries, it was the opposite of that. And I lean to the opinion that actions speak louder than words. A few nations of Europeans trying to play God to take the European Jews home to Israel weren’t necessarily God.speaking through them, unless a person figures everything European nations did was God talking through them. I never bought that one.


  2. Chuck Cunningham

    How many billion rounds have the Post Office “Shirts” purchased so far.
    Was it 3 billion? How about FEMA and DHS? If we can work out a national emergency and Marshall Law then the concentration camps will be able to be used. Did you notice that the “Little Mexican pass-throughs” (OTM’s) getting on the planes to where ever in the USA looked like 20 plus gang bangers. Where are all the cute little kids in the Media stories? Blackwater again? Well, that is why I am called Chicken Little.

    Worse yet and I can’t comment on it here. Might e-mail you one story.

    • Hi Chuck. It all runs together. And after a few magazines it’s no matter anyway. Fact is a million rounds, or a billion, or a hundred thousand all run out of anything to hit pretty fast. Either the holes in the targets get so big there’s nothing to rub up against as they go through, or the targets slither off into the bushes and try to write letters of apology and surrender. Didn’t notice the little Mexicans you mentioned, though I might well have seen them sometime. I’ve seen Mexicans here and there in my life and I couldn’t swear they weren’t gang bangers. No idea where the cute little kids are. I was fairly cute as a kid, but someone told me once they broke the mold when they made me. Can’t hold it against little kids now if the mold got broken way back in the day. Gracias, J

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