Q&A– Life in the 60’s

Old Jules, could you answer these questions about life in the 60’s?

What was something that you enjoyed doing?
Sex on a country road, rock and roll, heavy drinking.

Where was your favorite place to hang out?
Mac’s Drive In

Where did you live during the 60’s?
New Mexico and Texas

According to you, how was the economy?
Nobody had any money more than he made doing hard work but jobs were easy to find.

How did you dress?
Western boots, hat, Levis, same as now.

How was education back then?
I think better than now. You had to work to pass, work harder to get good grades.

What movies were really popular?
Hud, On the Waterfront, Cool Hand Luke, The Good The Bad and The Ugly

How were young people treated?
Adults expected a lot more from younger people and were less forgiving.

What was the most popular car?
I’d guess the ’49 Ford and the ’56 Ford Crown Victoria were the favorites, along with ’56 Chevys because that’s the first year GM came out with a V8. I had a ’40 Model Chevy I liked a lot. People liked ’58 Chevys pretty well except they were lousy cars, but pretty, and they liked the ’57 Plymouths because they had big fins. ’49 Mercurys were also popular.

Least popular cars were Nash, Hudson, Willys, ’52 Plymouth, DeSoto, ’46, ’47, ’48 Fords because they were so gawdawful ugly.

Did you like that era? Do you miss it?
I liked it fine so long as I don’t have to do it again.

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