Double ought five approaching climax

Jack wrote this New Year’s Eve, 2005:

Hi blogsters.

Been a fun day of not much going on.  Couldn’t bring myself to look another batch of numbers seriously in the eye so I just did a minimal workup and did the usual handstand, look-out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye while juggling and saying mantras backward routine.  Never fails in a pinch.

All the cats have been tricked or cajoled inside out of harms way.  Naiad, the long-haired black Reiki Master puss cat was the one had to be both, cajoled and tricked, indoors.  Hydrox came in easy and somewhat serene as should a cat who’s been attuned, both as a Reiki Master, and in a lot of other things cats most generally don’t get attuned for.

Tabby, second-level Reiki, nearly as I can figure, old Tabby really never spent much time outdoors today, so she wasn’t a problem in that regard.  Had to figure out other methodology problem wise.

Shiva, not really attuned to anything, but a cagey survivor, stayed in back closeted for the day.

I have before me my numbers, but I’m thinking I won’t even look until tomorrow morning, the New Year shining bright.  Or maybe pre-dawn.  But definitely not until double ought six come blaring down the pike horns fiery slobber slinging from its noostrils and mouth looking for a likely suspect to do a bit of spitting at noostril/mouthwise and hornwise both.

I’m not a drinking man, but did some serious contemplating earlier that I just might put together a Margarita and get a little buzz on, but I decided against it.  Decided is probably the wrong word.  Making it would have required me to make it, which I didn’t.  Default.  Ergo, no Margarita for the dying breath of 2005.

I suppose if I had something else I could snort it, or smoke it, or inject it, or shove it up suppository style, but I don’t do that, either, so I didn’t.

But weirdly enough, I feel somewhat as though I did.  Feeling pretty nigh on happy here…. downright ecstatic.  Not the spiritual state of grace ecstatic …. can’t do that one on demand….. but pretty damned fine.

Nice way to finish out a year.


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