Here’s to 2021- a post from Jeanne

Harper, TX 2006

Hello to all friends of this blog, I hope this time of year is seeing you well and safe. I don’t want to write about this dumpster fire of a year, but want to mention that I’m gratified to see that there are regular readers here still, and those of you who hit the “like” button are much appreciated. There are even some new followers, which would have had Jack shaking his head in amazement. I don’t promote the blog or even use all the tools that WordPress offers to make it more visible, so it’s nice to see this. You readers feel like friends who share this one unique trait, an appreciation for Jack’s writing.
One of the nice results of this project (scheduling posts ahead for the next two years) is the fact that I have forgotten most of the writing that I looked at last spring and summer, and I’m enjoying all of it as a fresh experience, same as you. This is exactly what I was hoping for as I navigate months without seeing him… tricking myself into seeing new “communication.” It may be an odd way to handle things, but I’m fortunate to have so much material to help me through this. I also put all the files of posts in order for the first time… although they are not posted here in order of month and year, I now have back-up files of all the posts I scheduled and all the years of posts on this blog backed up in an orderly fashion. Because I prefer to do my reading from books instead of on the screen, I hope to someday put these into a book format using (print on demand) so I can browse through them easily. But that is a project for next year, if I’m still into it by then. I’ve got more projects in mind for when I retire than I can probably accomplish in one lifetime.
Jack liked making lists, and I’m looking over lists of his favorite movies and music. My plans for New Year’s Eve are to get carry out at a Mexican restaurant and watch The Rainmaker or Cabaret. Nothing is the same but there are pockets of peace here and there, and I will see the new year in with gratitude.
With appreciation and best wishes for your 2021,

13 responses to “Here’s to 2021- a post from Jeanne

  1. It’s enjoyable to read about life from his unorthodox point of view. Thanks for archiving these posts.

  2. Thanks Jeanne, and a Happy New Year to you, and all the best for 2021, and thanks for keeping the memory of Old Jules alive,

  3. I’m so pleased you keep Jack’s blog going. One of my favorites was “My Original Veteran’s Day Post,” November 12, 2011.

    • How nice of you to mention a specific post. I have a much greater appreciation of issues concerning veterans after knowing him, as there were no veterans in my family. A happy new year to you!

  4. keep them coming jeanne. and best to you in the new year.

  5. Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing his legacy and for also carrying us along on this voyage of appreciation and wonder. It’s probably Jack’s gift that we’ve all been transformed in some way and always for the better by the grace of his existence. A great New Year to you and yours. Cheers

  6. I feel awkward, not realizing that Old Jules had moved on. I feel sorry for us. Thank you for continuing.

    • Roxanne, I appreciate your comment. That’s one of the reasons I come on here and say something from time to time… in case newcomers aren’t aware that I’ve high-jacked his blog!

  7. Why haven’t I started a dumpster fire before? It sounds fun, but if viewed from a distance as it will mostly like stink. Are you in?

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