Powerball draws and mixed emotions

Jack wrote this in June, 2005:

On the magnetic date/numbers thread I mentioned that business about 10s hitting an awfully lot on the 9th, 10th and 11th of the month draws. It used to be a rule I followed consistently….always included a 10 in the mix on those days… Last night I didn’t because I was too smart… 10, says I to my brilliant self, doesn’t show up in most of the smart-alec methods I’ve abandoned for the moment because they didn’t work consistently, but still run things through when I’m making my picks.

I’m an economizer at the moment, thinks I. I’m not gonna be no fool, looking at those methods that used to work pretty well for me for quite a while….. 10 as a ‘dater’, 10 possible as a repeater from the last draw…. Not me. My mama didn’t raise no fool.

There you are.

I generally mislike auto-shufflers, usually won’t play tables (blackjack) that have them. But a few days ago I sort of got herded into playing on a $2 minimum/$100 max table with an auto-shuffler. A series of coincidences and watching the way the cards were running out of that machine got me doing some things I wouldn’t normally do, including playing two hands and using some betting strategies that run contrary to the usual wisdoms.

I watched, tried things, shifted things around, refined, until after about six hours of play I found myself winning so consistently and so much money the other players were making funny remarks about it. So I moved to another table with an auto shuffler and tried it there….. I was in that casino from early afternoon until 5am the next morning. Went home jittery with coffee, lack of sleep, and wobbly from being too old to live this way, but quite a bit better off than when I went in.

Started a thread about that on the Gaming Forum.

Whew! Last night one of the cats, Shiva, slipped past me and zipped out when I got all the others in…… I went out and called her several times, at which time Niaiad (or however it is you spell water-nymph—-I never can remember), the black cat with aspirations for killing an eagle, plunged through the door.

I went out several times calling for them every time I awakened…. ms water nymph came in around 2 am, but Shiva never answered my calls and wasn’t around this morning at 5 when I went outside….. figured her for being in pieces inside the gut of an owl or coyote.

Then, a few minutes ago she came wandering out of the back of the house wanting out. Mixed emotions is what I’m plagued by.


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