Old Jules, what was all that Y2K stuff about?

Old Jules, what was all that Y2K stuff about?

I don’t claim to know why Y2K happened to society in the sense it was

obviously a trumped-up affair that sent a lot of mitigation money

into computer programming wallets all over the world, and didn’t need


I do know why it happened to me. It’s because I’ve always leaned to

preparedness, expecting something that hasn’t happened all the way

back to the 1961 Berlin Crisis [which got me into the Army with the

expectation of killing Russian lads a few weeks hence]. In 1967-68,

I expected it to come as a result of the riots across the US and the

vulnerability of society to collapse because of the interlocking

dependencies on the power-grid-transportation-grid- communication-

grid. I was all prepared, and though it didn’t happen, I wrote a

book about  how it would have looked if it had.
My entire adult life has been spent expecting things to go badly

wrong and preparing myself mentally for when it happens, as well as

my physical preparations. In a sense one of my careers [Emergency

Management] grew out of that mental state, along with a book, [Desert

Emergency Survival Basics].
When Y2k came along my certainties were so absolute as to lead me to

cash in all my accumulated retirement funds from two careers and

establish a refugee camp in the middle of nowhere. It was a great 14

months, me, a passel of chickens out there during those post-Y2k

months wondering what we were going to do next, but reflecting on

what I’d already done and trying to learn from it.
I’m all for a person being prepared mentally for anything. It’s none

of my affair what they do insofar as dedicating resources to other

types of preparedness, as well.
I do, however, believe a person can go overboard with such things.

While I don’t suggest they do otherwise if it’s their choice to do

so, (it’s a pretty good way to spend a lifetime – keeps the juices

flowing and gives a person a lot of adventures of thought and

spirit) – I do think it ain’t a bad idea to always retain a modicum

of self-doubt.

2 responses to “Old Jules, what was all that Y2K stuff about?

  1. I have a relative who has lived the past 30 years in this mindset. Never able to enjoy the now because doom is always near. Sad. Good to prepare then live your life like the future is bright.

  2. Loved reeading this thanks

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