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More musings- Ted Turner

Jack wrote this in August, 2005.

I mentioned Ted Turner in my last musings entry.  Most of you probably know who he is.  Famous rich guy, inherited wealth…. richer than 18 inches up a bull’s behind.  Owns more land in New Mexico than the US Government…. I’m lying a bit there, but he owns an enormous amount of real estate …. some stupendous beautiful places.

Anyway, this guy, Turner, used to be married to Phony Joanie (Baez), or Hanoi Jane (Fonda).  Probably the Fonda woman, though I might be wrong.  I recall thinking at the time he picked the opposite one to the one I’d have picked if I had to be married to one of them…. he went for pretty, while I would have gone for the birdlike singing voice.  That voice would have provided some consolation for having to be in close proximity with such a person.

But, when his marriage with one of the other of them disassembled I saw an interview with him somewhere.  He was whining about his hard life, actually said that during that post-divorce time when he was also losing control of AOL, which he evidently owned, that he thought he had the ‘trials of Job’.  Said he gave serious thought to suicide.


So any of you bloggers who think winning the lottery will solve any of your serious mental problems, think again.