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Energy manipulation and discipline

Jack wrote this in February, 2005:

Manipulation of energy involves sub-microscopic forces of intent.  It’s the chaos-butterfly, aimed and fired in a studiously planned surgical procedure.

Once released, the energy is opportunistic.  It follows the target along every path in much the way a heat-seeking missile trails a heat-source, but acting more in particle form than as a single object, or event.  It’s surprisingly opportunistic.  The reason for the planning (and far deeper discipline) is to make sure it finds the ‘heat source’ and doesn’t go down an innocent smoke-stack on a locomotive.

This is the reason discipline and careful planning are required for every energy manipulation project, such as healing.  The course of the least resistance, the greatest bang for the buck must be the path and the target.

During the pre-Y2K days a pamphlet was circulated to demonstrate the vulnerability of complex society to something as seemingly tiny as the ‘Y2K Bug’.  The object of focus was the simple lead pencil.

The pamphlet examined the 97 or so processes, the 178 sources of materials required to manufacture a pencil with an eraser.  Any one of those paths being interrupted would stop pencil manufacturing dead.

In energy work those critical paths are the target…. one easy, vulnerable place in the matrix where not a lot of energy is required to change things.  Replacing one sort of material with another at that stage can do the trick.  I know a nurse who administers the energy equivalent of a specific medication to patients by distance.   This is one of the processes we can use to heal all manner of ills.

Peaceful Warrior mentioned a migraine I ‘fixed’ for him a few days ago, him one where, me a thousand miles away, in a comment on another entry.  It took about thirty minutes to end his ordeal.

Because I’ve had a lot of experience with migraines, I happened to know the critical point in his anatomy.  I reduced the blood flow to his brain by shrinking the capillaries in his brain-stem.  The headache died.

Knowledge, discipline, precision, maximum bang for the energy buck.

That’s how it all works.