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Anger and energy work

Jack wrote this in February, 2005:

I’ve given some of the first steps in the mechanical process for beginning energy work.  Those should help with practice, or maybe without it.

However, there are some other facets to energy work that are more basic and certainly as necessary.

If you’re filled with anger you’re already spilling off metaphysical energy.  You just happen to be out of control.  The problem with that is that in some ways metaphysical energy behaves in a ‘liquid’ fashion.

As an energy element anger is force.  It’s compelling.  It tends to be expelled, both in bursts, and in a general spillage.

When anger leaves your spirit-body in bursts it does so in a way that leaves behind a vacuum, and it leaves open a channel for other energy to re-enter to fill the void.   When it does so as a sustained spillage or overflow the return is slower, but still inexorable.

That void will be filled with the kind of energy you’ve surrounded yourself with, invited into your life.  Usually it’s manifested in ways designed to reinforce the habit of anger, to justify continuing the same course.

The great negative mandala.  The circle of self-limitation and self-destruction.

The components are blame, lousy self-esteem, fear, and more anger, all chewing away at themselves inside you, dissolving your spiritual power and frequently your physical power, as well.


If you have lousy self-esteem there’s a good chance it’s because you’re the one who knows you best.  You’ve bought into some value system, measured yourself by it, found yourself wanting.

  • One of the ways you can short-circuit the negative mandala is to examine that value system you’re measuring yourself by, and decide whether it’s one you adopted consciously, or whether it’s something you came by through brainwashing by the society you live in.  Your parents, your peers, your television set.
  • If that’s the case, you’ll probably need to adopt another yardstick to measure yourself by.
  • However, if you have lousy self-esteem because you are a lousy person no one should respect, I’d offer the observation there’s only one way to change it.  Become the kind of person you do respect.


  • One cornerstone of the anger-cathedral is blame.  Where ever there’s anger Old Man Blame is always there lurking in a dark corner, whispering, “You aren’t responsible for what you are.  It’s your parents.  It’s the school.  It’s the government.  It’s the white man, the black man, the Jew.  The Arabs.  The Demos, the Republicans, the New Agers, the Christian fundamentalists, ad infinitum. It’s the boss, the job, the ‘system’ that’s to blame.  Not you.” Never you.
  • You know better. Every moment of your life you are making the choices.  Everything in this reality is open to you, same as to everyone else.  If you see doors closed in front of you, you are well aware you can kick them down, or go around them.  If you want to take control of your life you are going to have to accept total responsibility for what you are, who you are and what you are going to become.


  • If you are like most modern humans in the western world you’ve conditioned yourself to be a moral and physical coward. Your electronic media has helped you along with a daily dose of fear.  If you want to end your anger, blame and lousy self-esteem, you’ve got to break that cycle of fear.  Nobody respects a coward.  Quit worrying about diseases that might kill you, terrorists that might crawl up on the beaches of your life with butcher-knives clenched between their teeth.  Quit worrying about something that might happen next week, but probably won’t.
  • You are going to die.  It ain’t a big deal.  Happens to everyone.  Whether it happens to you this evening driving home, or next week or next year is mostly up for grabs.  Whether it happens at the same time as it happens to a million other people, or just as part of the usual trickle of human death moving through time is of absolutely no consequence in the overall scheme of things.  You’re going to experience pain, hardship, loss, the same as everyone who’s ever lived.  Those are a part of life.  They can also be a source of joy if you love what you are.  You couldn’t be what you are if it weren’t for the growth that came from facing hardships and challenge.  Recognize you have reason to be grateful for every stumble, every hurdle, every pain.
  • If you want to end your anger, dismantle your structure of negative energy loss, you’re going to have to quit being a coward.  You’re going to have to quit being afraid.  You’re going to have to learn to focus on the joy between the crying and the dying.  You’re going to have to recognize that you’re blessed with some finite, but unknown limit to the number of days you get to walk around this mudball, and that for this lifetime it’s all you have.  If you want to respect yourself you are going to have to live it without fear and without reaching out ahead of yourself to find ways it might end prematurely.


  • One fundamental source of anger in this life involves a failure to recognize what’s your business, your challenge, and what belongs to someone else. If you can’t do anything to influence it, it belongs to someone else.
  • Knowing what’s happening to someone in some distant place is not something you can control.  Quit knowing about it.
  • Knowing about lousy choices your president, your second-cousin, your favorite celebrity, your aunt Tillie are making is also out of your control.  They ain’t your business.  You can do nothing about it except seethe.  ANGER. If you can’t change it, get it out of your life.


  • Without a constant injection of forgiveness all the rest is meaningless.  You’re going to have to recognize we’re all a lot of flawed creatures muddling along, not doing a particularly good job of doing our best.  No one else is any better at it than you are.
  • Begin by forgiving yourself for what a piece of dog-dung you’ve probably been in your life and maybe still are.  Recognize that it’s the choices you make today and tomorrow that will allow you not to have to forgive yourself tomorrow.
  • Forget what everyone else has done, is doing.  It’s outside your control.  Forgive yourself.  After you’ve done that, if you need an occasional reminder that what others do is none of your business, forgive them, too.  Every moment, every day, forgive them for being flawed creatures, no better, no worse than you.

There are a number of techniques for doing all this.  Step by step methods.  If there’s any interest, I’ll go into some of them in future entries.

Best to all of you,